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The Hunger Games vs. Divergent

It happens with all the latest young adult fiction novels. First it was wizards vs. vampires, and then it was vampires vs. werewolves, but the latest comparison is not between two fantasy characters, but between two heroines, Katniss and Tris.

The characters are only one of the comparisons when it comes to the two young adult novels, The Hunger Games and Divergent. Since Divergent’s recent release in theaters, comparisons are all audiences can talk about when it comes to the two series. Even though they’re both equally good books (and now, movies) in their own right, audiences find it harder to separate the two as they’re both very similar. Here are some reasons why…

1. They’re both trilogies

Even though The Hunger Games films are being split into four movies, the book was originally a three part series, just like Divergent. And with the trend of young adult books to movies franchise, Divergent just might follow by splitting Allegiant into two movies.

2. They both take place in post-apocalyptic, dystopian societies

The Hunger Games takes place in fictional Panem where North America has been divided into districts, and Divergent takes place in a rundown Chicago where people are divided into factions.

3. They both feature strong female leads

There’s no denying that both Katniss and Tris are strong female leads. While they might show it in different ways, they are constantly putting others before themselves and doing all that they can to make sure their loved ones are safe.

4. They both include romance

The Hunger Games portrays romance with Katniss, Gale, and Peeta’s love triangle, and Divergent portrays romance with Tris and Four’s relationship. Each relationship portrays an equal amount of ups and downs as each character struggles to find balance between herself and her partner.

5. They both have power hungry antagonists

Both Katniss and Tris face obstacles when they go head to head against their antagonists, President Snow, leader of Panem, and Jeanine, leader of the faction Erudite. While they both hold different leadership roles in context with the stories, they both prove to be a great struggle for the main female characters in the their personal journeys to peace.

6. They both portray loss

Not to give too much away for people who haven’t read the books, but each character in some way or another experiences loss, whether it be through the death of a friend, or the lost hope of humanity. There is a dark side to each of the novels that is both sad and very real.

7. They both have a Kravitz

Bet you didn’t notice this one, but both films feature a member of the Kravtiz family. Lenny Kravitz of course plays Cinna in the Hunger Games and his daughter Zoë Kravitz plays Christina in Divergent.

8. They’re both Lionsgate films

Yep, that’s right. Both films are produced by the same company. No wonder they take on similar forms. While people argue who had the best adaption, it isn’t that big of a deal to Lionsgate as any success from either movie is a success for them as a company.

Even though these young adult novels are very similar to each other, is the constant comparison between the two really necessary? Does it really matter which series has more fans or which movie makes more money at the box office?

They’re both highly successful series that not only challenge their young adult audiences to think deeper about societal issues but they also offer audiences a sense of hope for the future. That no matter how bad things might get, you can help make a change. And I think that’s a similarity far more important.

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Kelsie Gibson

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Kelsie Gibson is a senior Communication Studies major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is from Kannapolis, NC. She is a member of Phi Beta Chi sorority. She loves to sing, act, write, and spend time with family and friends.
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