How to Get Your Bronze On Safely This Summer


Spring may have just begun, but the end of school seems so close that we can almost taste the pina coladas and smell the beachy air this summer vacation has in store for us.


One of the best perks of summer breaks: unlimited tanning time.


Whether you like to bronze the natural way or opt for a spray tan, check out these simple suggestions to get your summer glow on in the healthiest way possible.


  1. Wear SPF and find out which one works best for you


There are two different kinds of SPFs: chemical and physical.  Physical sunscreens deflect the sun’s rays while chemical sunscreens absorb the rays. Physical sunscreens contain ingredients that may seem familiar to you: Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide. Sometimes the titanium dioxide in physical sunscreens can cause break outs depending on how sensitive your skin is. Chemical sunscreens are usually more irritating, but block more UVA/UVB rays. Zinc oxide would be the best bet for someone with sensitive skin. Knowing what sunscreen works best for you skin will only help your beauty routine and keep your skin safe.


Tip: Foundations with SPF will cause a white cast in flash photography.


Tip: You may see the word “comedogenic” on sunscreens or other makeup products. This means that the product will clog your pores. Make sure that you try to find a product that is non-comedogenic.


2. Invest in some bronzers

If you really don’t want to risk sun damage, but still want to get that bronze glow, head over to the drugstore and pick up a few bronzers. A current favorite is the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer because it blends beautifully and offers a natural bronzed effect. Also, Physician’s Formula does not test on animals and the bronzer smells like a pina colada (not kidding).

Go ahead, have some fun in the sun, but just don’t forget to protect yourself. Keep some SPF on hand and maybe even a little Aloe Vera in case of burns. Finish the semester strong and then have a great summer collegiettes!