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How to Add Color to Your Fall Wardrobe

Have you ever found yourself thinking that normal autumnal colors are boring? Do you dread the arrival of colder weather because you have to put away your bright, summery and fun clothing until the following year? Not true! Last week,
Janice Rojas described how the bright trend is still in for fall. This week, Her Campus UNC is going to offer some specific suggestions for how you can spice up your fall wardrobe. While fall is synonymous with coats, stockings, and other cold weather staples in darker, muted tones, there’s no reason to dress dull and get stuck in a fashion rut. Fall presents the perfect opportunity to really add some color and flair to your wardrobe and experiment with your everyday outfits. Instead of sticking to the grays and blacks or more wintry hues that accompany the arrival of fall, infusing vibrant colors into your wardrobe will really get you noticed around campus.

The first step to fall fashion bliss is to assess what you already own. Start by looking at your closet and pulling out those few pieces from the summer that will work well into your fall style. For example, this can be fun skirts or colorful blouses that are versatile enough to look great when incorporated into a colder weather ensemble. Be sure to identify what colors look best on you; warm colors such as red, orange and yellow look best with darker or olive skin while cooler tones like blue, pink or purple look great on lighter skin.

Next, take some of your basics in neutrals like black, gray and navy and try to mix and match them with brighter hues in an outfit. Even autumnal hues like orange, yellow and red are wonderful accent colors and can be stylishly incorporated into your wardrobe. If you own a lot of gray or crème tones, look for clothes and accessories in pastel or lighter hues to add a subtle touch of color. If you like wearing black, try bright and bold tops and accessories. Gem tones are a classic way to make a statement when wearing a more demure look, and colorblocking is a trendy but fun option as well. For camel and brown wardrobes, colors like ruby red, coral and light or bright yellow all look stunning.

Keep things simple and chic by wearing similar tones or just one bright color at a time. You could take your favorite earth-toned sweater worn with dark jeans and spice it up with bright, patterned or metal-hued flats. Pair a bright bottom with a more subdued top or a vibrant dress with a classic black jacket. Another option is to wear a fashionable black, gray or navy dress and layer it with a cardigan in a fun pattern or bright hue. Grab your cute, printed skirt from summer and pair it a with neutral toned top and solid-color tights with trendy ankle boots.

Another easy way to add some color to your fall outfit is to try a fun, bright accessory that can be removed if needed. Scarves, jewelry and handbags can add a splash of color to any fall outfit and eye-catching accessories will enliven the most basic clothing piece. Try layering a patterned or vivid scarf over a plain sweater; scarves with color and texture add dimension and some character to almost any fall outfit. A cool, funky necklace, ring, or bracelet in colors like coral, turquoise or deep gold can add some visual interest to a simple black or white blouse. Break away from the basic black or brown handbag and carry a bright or vibrant fall-colored handbag to contribute some color to your ensemble.

Despite the autumn season, keep your wardrobe popping with bold, colorful essentials that make a statement. Don’t be shy about adding color to your wardrobe; some extra flair to the boring color palette of fall is a great way to always look stylish. It may take time to find different color combinations that look great on you but it will be worth it when you discover awesome, new outfits for your closet. As long you as your bright hues or prints work well with your outfit and you keep it simple by wearing only one or two bursts of color, your fashion-forward outfit will help you stand out from the crowd. Adding color will spice up both your wardrobe and your attitude so have some fun, put on something bright and start the day with a smile!


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