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Horror Movies for Every Personality

There’s no better way to get in the Halloween spirit than to watch a scary movie. From the classic thrillers to the cheesy spoofs to the Disney throwbacks, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Some people love graphic, bloody movies, whereas others prefer to avoid the nightmares and watch something a little less intense. No matter what your horror-movie style is, there’s a spooky movie out there for you.

Must-see Classics
If you haven’t seen these yet, I definitely recommend them. They are scary but worth the nightmares.
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-The Ring
-The Grudge

Based off of True Stories
For many, unrealistic movies just aren’t that thrilling. These movies are sure to freak out even the bravest of moviegoers because these plots come from real life experiences.
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-Texas Chainsaw Massacre
-The Blair Witch Project
-The Exorcist
-Audrey Rose
-Amityville Horror
-The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Gorier, the Better
Warning: these movies are graphic. If you think that the scare factor of horror movies comes from blood and guts, then these movies are for you. Weak-stomached viewers beware.
Fear Factor: ????

-Friday the 13th
-Saw series
-Dawn of the Dead
-Final Destination 3
-The Descent

Not Really Into Scary Movies, but in the Halloween Spirit…
If you’re not a big fan of terrifying movies but feel like you just have to watch a scary movie around this time of year, try one of these. They’re not as heavy as other horror movies, but they’ll definitely spook you.
Fear Factor: ??

-Prom Night
-Sorority Row
-The Sixth Sense
-Twilight Zone

I’d Rather Just Watch a Funny Movie
Scary movies might not be your thing. Its okay, you can still get into the Halloween spirit! Halloween isn’t about being scared anyways, its about having fun. These movies are more comedy than horror.
Fear Factor: ?

-Scary Movie series
-Killer Clowns from Outer Space

Still not sure which movie to watch? HerCampus asked current UNC students to recommend their favorite spooky movies:

“Paranormal Activity. I’ve never been so scared while watching a movie because it’s just so realistic.” -Natalie, freshman

“The Shining. I watched it when I was little and it just really freaked me out.” –Mark, junior

“The Strangers. The fact that this movie is based off a true story makes it easily the most scary movie I’ve ever seen.” –Taylor, sophomore

“It. If clowns scare you at all, this movie is sure to be freaky.” –Abby, sophomore

“The Blair Witch Project. The documentary style makes it more realistic. I don’t find scary movies with lots of blood and guts as scary; it’s the psychological stuff that gets to me.” –Catherina, freshman

 Watching movies (photo): mylot.com, http://www.mylot.com/w/image/2596431.aspx

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