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Henry Cavill Is Being Dropped as Superman and It’s the Worst

After donning the red cape for three movies, Henry Cavill will no longer be Superman, and I AM NOT OKAY. I have been a die-hard Justice League fan for years (shout out to my dad who wanted a boy and got me instead), and it has truly been a hard road. With the failure of Man of Steel, Superman vs. Batman, and Justice League, it comes to no surprise that Warner Bros. is looking to make some changes in the DC Universe. I am okay with change, in fact, I welcome change. I would love to see DC achieving the kind of success Marvel has been effortlessly gaining for years, but with the exception of Wonder Woman, that’s just not happening. I wish reviewers had seen that it was the WRITING that was the problem, not the actors, because if there’s anything Warner Bros. has done right, it’s the casting. Every actor/actress is the epitome of his or her character, no one more so than Henry Cavill, who is the real life Superman.

I mean, come on. LOOK AT HIM.

The hair? The eyes? The BOD?

He’s called the Man of Steel for a reason, and there are few actors I can think of who are actually capable of looking the part. Apart from that, he looks great as Clark Kent.

Beyond appearances, he truly does make a great Superman. He perfectly emulates what makes Superman both super and human—his modesty, his morality and his compassion. And most importantly, he expresses Superman’s loneliness in a world he considers his own but where he is considered alien.

All in all, I think Warner Bros. is making a huge mistake. Sure, Justice League sucks right now, but it looks like they’re making a change for the worse with this recent development. The franchise’s failure has everything do with its terrible writing and nothing to do with its spot-on casting. Henry Cavill, I doubt you’ll ever see this, but you will always be Superman in my eyes. Now with the real Superman gone (and Ben Affleck, but who really cares about that drop), all I really have to look forward to is the next Wonder Woman movie. Because, in a field dominated by men, it’s nice to see that it’s a woman bringing in all the success. Am I right, ladies?

Emmy Barcelona

Chapel Hill '19

A senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Emmy is majoring in English and Psychology.
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