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The Healthiest Foods To Keep In Your Dorm Room

When you think dorm food, what comes to mind? Ramen noodles? Canned Ravioli? Many college students think “dorm foods” are limited to sodium packed cans and packages, but actually they can be any foods you’d like! As a student, it is important to remain realistic about your eating goals. Many tend to become discouraged when they can’t follow their own unnecessary and strict dietary rules.

Just know that if you take on the all or nothing approach to maintaining/losing weight, you probably won’t get very far! Don’t be afraid to take control of your eating and realize that in ANY situation, there is always a best choice!

Here’s a list of healthy options to keep in your dorm room to help keep your eating on track.

1. Frozen veggies!

Try to aim for fresh fruits and veggies. If they aren’t available, don’t give up! You can still hit the target with frozen and canned varieties. I’ve noticed that lots of brands are now offering frozen fruits and veggies in individual portion sizes. My favorites are the Pictsweet Deluxe Sides. These smaller portion sizes are perfect for college students preparing their own meals.

2. Cereal

Cereal is an old standby for many college students. Companies have been working to make our childhood favorites healthier by including more whole grains and less sugar. I like Multi-Grain Cheerios because they’re made with whole grains and have only 6 grams of sugar per serving.

3. Almond Milk

Can’t have cereal without milk! Well, it’s possible, but who would want to? I love Almond Breeze milk, because it has a longer shelf life and comes in great flavors like vanilla and chocolate!

4. Bread

Sandwiches are also a college staple, but who’s going to eat an entire loaf of bread?
I like Arnolds Whole Grain Sandwich Thins! They come with less in a package, so you won’t have to worry about them going stale.

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