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Target Zig Boot –These boots are perfect for college students who just arrived to campus and are hit with the hard, wet, reality of walking to class during a heavy rain.  Because Target sells these affordable boots in a multitude of colors and patterns, you can pick the pattern that matches your personality best.

These fun, patterned boots are the statement piece of your outfit, usually worn with jeans or leggings and a solid color shirt.   They work best for the occasional 20-minute walk to class since they are clunky and after a few hours, you might find yourself with a few blisters.



Target Merona Natanni Rain Skimmer in Navy — Similar to the more expensive Bean Boot, these rain skimmers are a classic, mature way to keep your feet dry.  Because of the simple style, these boots are more versatile than the patterned Target Zig boots, allowing you to wear patterned shirts or skirts.  These boots are tighter on your foot than the Target boot, which means less blisters and a longer wear time.



Target Merona Natanni Rain Skimmer in Black — These are a fun twist to the traditional navy rain skimmer.  If you’re the girl that wants to be a little more edgy than the rest of the crowd, the leopard print gives you that style-twist.


Hunter Original Tall Gloss Rain Boot — The Hunter is a more expensive option to the classic Target Zig boot; however, it may be worth the extra money to have a completely versatile and comfortable rain boot.  The Hunter comes in a variety of solid colors, which allows you to mix-and-match all types of outfits with the boots.  These boots can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts or dresses, and if you are in a location that experiences rain for days on end, these boots can be worn to more formal events and locations.
You are also paying more to have a better fitting boot.  These boots are great for students who have to be out in the rain all day, running from class to class and a meeting in-between; students who want to be stylish without having to worry about their outfit once they walk out the door in the morning.


Hunter Original Short Rain Boot — The Hunter short boot offers many of the same benefits as the long boot; however, this is the subtlest of all the boots listed.  Hitting the leg right above the ankle, this boot keeps your feet dry while not calling attention to the fact that you have on rain boots.



Kamik Lisbeth Black Fleece Lined Rain Boot — Fleece-lined rain boots are ideal for those cold, rainy winter days.  Many traditional rain boots offer zero insulation and although they keep your feet dry, your toes are left shivering.  But make sure to think before you buy these boots!  You don’t want to walk around campus during an early summer-shower sporting fleece – sweaty feet are never in style.  When purchasing these boots, you may want to add a pair of the Target Zig boots to your shoe collection, too.



Women’s Bean Boot by L.L. Bean — The Bean Boot is the classic southern prep rain boot.  This boot is one of the most comfortable out of all the boots listed.  The Bean Boot is best paired with jeans or leggings and a t-shirt; steer-clear of trying to dress up the Bean Boot, as it’s original intention was made for outdoor activities.  These boots are also great for heading out in the occasional white Tar Heel snow shower.


Target Women’s Zig Boots, $29.99; TARGET.com

Target Women’s Merona Natanni Rain Skimmer in Navy, $32.99; TARGET.COM

Target Women’s Merona Natanni Rain Skimmer in Black; $32.99; TARGET.COM

Hunter Original Tall Gloss Rain Boot, $140; USA.HUNTER-BOOT.COM

Hunter Original Short Rain Boot, $130; USA.HUNTER-BOOT.COM

Kamik Lisbeth Black Fleece Lined Rain Boot; $89; KAMIK.COM
L.L. Bean Women’s Bean Boot, $99; LLBEAN.COM

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