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Five sites to boost your mood

Once again, it’s time to start classes again after a week of relax and fun. Here are five articles that will lift your mood and will ease the return to classes.

1. 9 Ways to Boost Your Mood: This post will guide you through the necessary steps to keep stress away. Remember that is always good to keep yourself busy with non-academic activities. The lack of time could become the greatest difficulty now that classes, midterms, homework and labs are back, but always make yourself a priority.

2. Another way to entertain yourself and drive your way into procrastination, is to check Things People Say. Laughter will always be the best stress-reliever, and this website will help you accomplish just that.  You will find things like this: “"May be combined with other offers. Not valid with any other offer" on a Papa John's coupon. You’ll be able to relate with others’ experiences with obvious questions and embarrassing moments. Don’t forget that laughing at yourself is a good way to keep shame away.

3. Expectations vs. Reality (16 Pics): Lift your mood by looking at pictures that portray our “cruel” reality. Things definitely don’t turn the way we expect them in many occasions, but may your re-energized brain and body be the key to your success in the second half of the semester, especially if you’re planning to cook.

4. There is a chance that the best part about spring break was your home-cooked meals. If that’s the case, try to keep you mood up by eating healthy and making time for a nice dinner at least once a week. Fruits and vegetables are the best options to stay away from high-calorie snacks, and an apple will do the trick by keeping you full.  10 Yummy Foods That Boost Your Mood offers great ideas to maintain a healthy diet. Dinner with friends will distract you too -- you can get a group to cook, order pizza, make reservations at a restaurant, or check out an event that offers free food. We all know food makes everyone happy, so take advantage of it and bring your energy levels up.

5. Men can fix anything. The pictures on this site make you wonder what the meaning of the word “fix” is, but they’re definitely good for a laugh.

One last piece of advice: Try to keep unmotivated friends and acquaintances away. Nothing brings you down more than a friend who complaints about everything or doesn’t want to do anything.


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9 Ways to Boost Your Mood http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/boost-your-mood/

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