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Fall Fashion Picks

Pumpkin spice lattes are back and that only means one thing—it’s fall!

But with the weather in Chapel Hill as unpredictable as the next episode of Downton Abbey, planning your wardrobe can be tricky.

With fall break two weeks away, it is important to stretch out wardrobe staples until you can completely transition to heavier clothing.

1. Sweatshirts

Ahh—is anything comfier? Sold at the student stores, this UNC staple will keep you comfortable from 8 a.m. class to snuggling with your books at Davis ($42)

2. Tights

Your sundresses become more versatile pieces when paired with thick tights. Tights also work under skirts and shorts to make any piece a bit more weather appropriate ($14.95, Gap).

3. Scarves

Fall’s favorite accessory. Scarves dress up any t-shirt and lend a new look to every outfit. With entire Pinterest pages devoted with how to wear them, you can never grow tired of this look ($20, Clothes Hound).

4. Colored Jeans

This year’s trend is worth splurging on. Bringing color into a wardrobe is a good way to make an outfit pop ($33, Clothes Hound).

5. Vests

Vests are HUGE this year. Over your country night flannel, a long sleeve tee, or whatever. Vests are a wardrobe conundrum for those people who have warm arms and cold bodies but still always want to look stylish ($29, Old Navy).

Overall, remember that only a few key pieces are necessary to transition from Nike shorts to yoga pants everyday. Fall is upon us!

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