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Day-by-Day Guide to Chapel Hill Nightlife

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

Did you just turn 21? Is it a Monday and you just finished midterms thus are desperately searching for a place at which to let loose? Or maybe you are facing an epic case of senioritis (or junioritis, or sophomoreitis, or freshmanitis)? Point being, we are in college and we like to have fun, regardless of the day of the week or the possibly non-existent celebratory occasion. Next time you are looking for a place to go, consult this bar guide and hopefully it will lead you towards excellent decisions and a memorable night!

Monday: We all hate Mondays, but these places can make it better.

  • The Library: $1 well drinks and no cover. There is no better way to get rid of the Monday blues.
  • He’s Not Here: $4 Budweiser and PBR blue cups. Think of all the exciting things you can do with your blue cup — eat cereal in it on your way to class Tuesday morning, use it to keep your phone and wallet in one place, carry your puppy around in it, etc!
  • Top of the Hill: half-bottles of wine. Make it a girl’s night out and get your week started off right.

Tuesday: One of the best nights of the week — whether you’re into trivia, country, techno, or 90’s music, Tuesdays in Chapel Hill have it all.

  • Linda’s: Trivia night starts at 8 p.m. with $1.50 domestic pints. Linda’s also serves delicious food until 2 a.m.! Try the delicious cheese fries.
  • Goodfellows: Trivia at 11 p.m. The $3 LITs will help you win.
  • He’s Not Here: $2 33 oz. domestic blue cups! Need I say more?
  • East End: Yes, the famous country night. Downstairs at Deep End you will find people dressed in cowboy boots singing along to country tunes but regardless of which floor you’re on, quarter beer attracts people of all music tastes.   
  • The Thrill: Trivia and country music not your thing? Head over to the The Thrill for $2 slushies and techno night! Fist pumping is not necessary. Haven’t tried their slushies yet? Shame on you.
  • The Lodge: Not feeling any of these? No worries, take the one minute trek to the Lodge for your favorite 90s music and half off everything!
  • Players: 10-cent drafts (yes, ten cents) — also known as cheap beer, beer pong, $2 wells and no cover.
  • Carolina Coffee Shop: $3 LITs, wells and glasses of wine — a more relaxed setting to wind down (or get started).

Wednesday: Hump day may not have as much going on, but no need to worry.

  • East End: half off all drinks!
  • Goodfellows: It’s karaoke night, so better bring your A-game singing skills. Not so talented? The $2 ball shooters will make you think you are.
  • The Library: $1 shooters, $2 beers and $3 well drinks.
  • Kildare’s: Get in the Irish spirit — $3 Guinness and half-off wine.
  • Back Bar: Trivia Night. There are also pool tables, darts and foosball for your varied entertainment purposes

Thursday: Everyone knows the weekend starts on Thursday.

  • East End: Ladies Night. Look forward to $1 beer and $3 shooters.
  • The Library: $2 wells and $2 shooters.
  • R&R Grill: Half-priced bottles of wine, $3 well drinks and $3 soco & lime shots. You are bound to see all of your friends (and all the people you may be trying to avoid) packed in this bar on Thursday nights!
  • Carolina Coffee Shop: Want a break from the sweaty dance vibe? Head across the street to the Coffee Shop for $2 wells.
  • Kildare’s: $2 wells, $3 Blue Moon and $5 bombs.
  • Top of the Hill: $3 Blueberry Wheat Beer, Old Well White Beer and Astro Pop Shots. I’m not even sure what an astro pop shot is, but it sounds exciting.
  • La Res: $2 Wells, $3 shooters, $3 Drafts and half-priced bottles of wine. La Res is only open Thursday thru Saturday, so take advantage!
  • Players: Under 21? Well you can get in here and dance the night away! Over 21? Thirsty Thursday means half off on all liquor!

Friday: No class tomorrow? Leggo.

  • He’s Not Here: $3 High Life 33 oz blue cups.
  • Goodfellows: Live band, $2.50 domestic drafts and $3.50 select craft pints. Great brands and singing (or yelling) along is of course encouraged.
  • Carolina Coffee Shop: $3 LITs and $2 domestic bottles.
  • Deep End: $1 drafts and $2 wells.
  • Pulse: Just because you aren’t 21 doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Girls and Greeks are in for free before midnight! If you can drink, it’s half off of everything!  

Saturday: Everywhere will be packed, so choose your poison wisely.

The Lodge: $1.50 Natty Light, $2 Coors Light, $3 Captain, $4 Jack.
La Res: $3 shooters, $4 rum drinks, $5 bombs. Everyone will be here, so be prepared.
Pulse: This is a great Saturday night option for those of you under 21; get there before midnight so you don’t have to pay cover! For those over 21, it’s $1 shots all night (yes, please!).

Sunday: Hope you’re a good singer.

Goodfellows: Strip Down Sunday–everything is half off with a $3 cover.
Kildare’s: Everything is half off!
Pantana Bobs: Karaoke.
He’s Not Here: And some more karaoke.

Want more options? Check out Carrboro bars like The Station and Cat’s Cradle.

Want to know more? Check out www.thestagger.com for more drink specials! Hopefully you are now ready to take on Chapel Hill by night! Cheers!

Puppy (photo): Dimitra Hatzudis
Liquor at Back Bar (photo): Top of the Hill, http://topofthehillrestaurant.com/back-bar
Goodfellows logo (photo): Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/goodfellows.chapelhill
Club Pulse (photo): Club Pulse, http://www.clubpulse.net/
East End Martini Bar (photo): Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/pages/East-End-Oyster-Martini-Bar/120446354638701

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