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Lofi (Low fidelity): a type of sound recording that typically contains technical flaws to make the music sound different when compared to live and studio versions of a song.


Recently, I have begun to listen to more lofi music since I managed to stumble across the genre while searching Pandora for study music. There are many producers of this genre, but I typically listen to Lofi Fruits since it tends to cover popular songs that I already know. You can check out their music on Spotify or Apple Music if you’re looking to add something fresh to your study playlist. 

Watermelon Sugar

Let’s be honest, “Watermelon Sugar” didn’t need to be changed. However, if you can’t concentrate while Harry serenades you from the other side of the room, then this is a solid alternative. Think of it as an instrumental, and slightly different, version of the original.


Starting with its signature overture, this hit is instantly recognizable even though it doesn’t exactly match the original. It’s another instrumental that I keep on shuffle as a much-needed break from the other overplayed songs that plague my library.

River Flows in You

I actually heard this song for the first time last year when I got into the Brooklyn Duo. This version is a refreshing twist on a classic. It maintains the gripping tempo of the music while changing it into something new and exciting. 

When We Were Young

The Lofi version of “When We Were Young” is a more upbeat version of the original. It takes the semi somber tone of Adele’s work and transforms it to have more of a bubblegum pop feel. I would recommend this if you want to listen to the song but not get trapped in your feels. 

Married Life

Remember that really cute song from Up? They made a different version, which turns into an almost dark piece toward the middle. To me, it’s more angsty, and just a really interesting piece of music to listen to and digest. 

This is just a handful of the Lofi pieces I’ve been listening to recently. I tend to really enjoy the music produced by this label, which I think is due to the fact that I can listen to it most times of the day without too much effort. It can be studying, relaxing or just general vibing music. It seems trivial, but good songs can do wonders to improve your mood and make you want to be productive. 

Eve Bennett

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