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Cole Hammack ’12

Name: Cole Hammack
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Year: Junior
Major: Drama and Communications Studies major, Screen Writing minor

Favorite Coldstone Flavor: Strawberry, banana graham cracker thing

Where do you study: I don’t do a lot of studying. I don’t have a lot of tests. I write scripts from my house. I work in my house and Swain I guess.

Fun Fact: I can do a standing back-flip. Is that a fun enough fact?

Motto: Attitude is everything. Does that make sense? I just made that up. I made up my own motto.
You have likely seen Cole’s face before. If not singing with his fellow Clef Hangers, then maybe on his show “Poor Standing” on STV. Cole is a fun, goofy guy who has the ability to make people laugh through his crazy impressions, silly voices and storytelling. “This is my first crossword puzzle ever, and I have 9 already!” he exclaimed while in the midst of telling me about his spontaneity and desire to live in the moment.

In addition to his love for acting, singing and strawberry ice cream, Cole loves to travel. He has been to Haiti twice and spent last summer backpacking around Europe. Cole is an intern for Students of the World and plans to visit Africa this summer to make a documentary. In the future Cole wants to either move to Los Angeles for acting and writing or travel around the world doing missions work.

“The lifestyle of not having a desk job and doing what you love is the type of job I would love,” he said.

Cole enjoys sharing stories and was even willing to share an embarrassing moment: “At our first Clef concert, I forgot my buttons. I talk fast and stutter when I am nervous anyways, so before the concert I tried to warn people that they might see my chest but it came out all wrong and my face turned bright red.”
Cole, who always enjoys meeting a new face, left a piece of advice for all of the women at UNC: “Confidence is the most attractive quality in girls. If you see me out come say hey and say something weird. I hope to see you all out soon!”
Really, go say hey. I promise he will make you smile!

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