Chris Brown Needs to Stop

Trigger Warning: Mentions of domestic abuse and harassment. If you believe these topics may upset you, please check out one of our other articles.


For those who are unaware of the screenshots hitting the internet, Chris Brown has been posting suggestive comments on Rihanna’s posts on Instagram. Again. There are multiple issues with this, but the major issue is harassment, an issue that many women deal with after a breakup, especially a breakup from a toxic relationship.

On the surface

On the surface, Brown has simply been commenting on Rihanna’s photos, despite being in a relationship with Diamond Brown and having a family. Definitely still problematic, and it’s not a lone incident. But Brown and Rihanna’s past makes the situation seem more like harassment than wholesome commenting. 

Going deeper

It’s no secret that Brown and Rihanna’s relationship ended in turmoil. Her 2009 police statement is shocking, and it outlines the terrible night that resulted in her battered body and swollen face. He threatened her life and almost made good on his promise.

Ten years later, she has publically forgiven him, but he still continuously makes an effort to pop up in her life, especially through social media. Instead of letting Rihanna move on, Brown is hell-bent on remaining in her life, despite his actions in 2009.

Why do abusers do this?

In my experience, abusers like to control the situation, even though it is out of their control. When their victims are happy and healthy again, they pop back into their lives or remind them of the abuse to gain that control back somehow.

I dated my abuser for only five months, but he messaged me on all outlets, a year after our relationship ended. To get him to stop, I had to take legal action. Even then, he contacted me until the no-contact order was in my hand. 


For those who still support Brown, ask yourself, are his suggestive comments funny to you? Do you realize that he is intentionally harassing Rihanna? 

Since the 2009 case, he has been involved in multiple domestic violence cases with multiple women. When is it time to realize that you cannot separate art from the artist? When is it time to hold your favorite celebrities and artists accountable for their actions?

Chris Brown needs to stop, and we need to stop him.