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Choose Your Happy: 4 Ways to Create Happiness

So, a month into school and things are starting to pick up rapidly. Assignments, tests, quizzes, readings — the school year is here! As the semester goes on, it can get pretty stressful and motivation can be hard to find. Don’t worry, Her Campus has your back. Here are four ways to find happiness when you are feeling overwhelmed.

1.       Exercise

Exercising is a great and productive way to feel happier. And lucky for you, there are plenty of options for exercise on campus. Both rec centers offer classes for every taste like Barre, Zumba, Cycle and Yoga. I personally love cycling class because it relieves so much stress in an upbeat environment. If you have never been to an exercise class at UNC, don’t be scared to get your feet wet. The instructors are super helpful and motivating. If you don’t like organized exercise, you can always run around campus or do yoga on the quad. Our campus is beautiful; take advantage of it!

2.       Journaling/Coloring

I always feel my best when I can take a little time out of the day to reflect and write down my thoughts or even color. One of the coolest discoveries I have made are adult coloring books. They include intricate designs that are more interesting than the Disney princess coloring books we used to have as children (don’t act like you didn’t have them.) So, if writing isn’t your thing, color your way to happy. It requires almost no thought and is an awesome creative outlet, especially when you have been reading academic articles and textbooks all day.


3.       Treat Yo’ Self

We all have that one thing that makes us smile — food, drink, or for me, scrolling through Parks and Rec memes on Pinterest (#nojudgement). If you are feeling like work is getting you into a slump, dedicate some time to treat yo’ self. If that means an indulgent treat or shamelessly investigating Pinterest for the best home décor, DO IT. You need time for yourself and it will make life a lot easier when you take care of your own happiness.

4.       Smile

As simple as this sounds, waking up every day and smiling can change your perspective. Every morning, I make a conscious effort to tell myself at least one happy thought as soon as I wake up and that usually puts me in a positive mindset for the day. It changes your whole outlook if you can take a minute to tell yourself how amazing each day is and what you can accomplish in just twenty-four hours. So take a deep breath, look in the mirror and flash the goofiest grin you can muster. It will help, trust me!

If you are feeling stressed, or can feel it approaching, don’t let yourself fall down that slippery slope. Try these four tips and you are guaranteed to feel happier! Enjoy your week, collegiettes.

Hi! I'm Samantha and I am a writer for the UNC division of Her Campus!
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