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#CelebratingUNC: Cheap Eats on Franklin Street

As the school year progresses and more and more students grow tired of dining hall food, Franklin Street starts to become even more appealing. Even if you don’t have a ton of money to blow on food, there are still plenty of affordable options for broke college students.



If you are craving some sushi but don’t want to break the bank, Kurama is the perfect option. You can grab a plate from the conveyor belt of sushi or order something from the menu! The plates correlate with the price of the roll. If you want a fun atmosphere and affordable sushi, Kurama is the place for you!

Cosmic Cantina

We all get the weekly craving for Mexican food but can’t always afford a $10 burrito at Chipotle. If you want some classic affordable Mexican food, Cosmic Cantina is the place for you. Their burritos are cheap and delicious. They are also open until 4 a.m. so they are the perfect late night option!


One of the cheapest and fastest pizza places on Franklin, Lotsa had to make the list. They have a daily lunch special for $5.99. The pizza is the perfect size to share or have for yourself, depending on how hungry you are. They are also open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Hibachi and Company

My personal favorite cheap option on Franklin is Hibachi and Company. You can get chicken hibachi with rice and veggies for around $7. The service is fast, and there is a good amount of seating, so you can enjoy your meal there or take it to go.

Lime and Basil

As the weather cools down, my craving for a big bowl of pho always grows stronger. Lime and Basil has the best pho in the Chapel Hill area and is conveniently located on Franklin. If you aren’t in the mood for pho, you can get a banh mi to go for $5!


Even though Tru usually doesn’t come to mind when most people think of cheap eats, it is actually super affordable. You can get a delicious sandwich or salad for a cheaper price than Panera. They use fresh ingredients, and the restaurant has a great atmosphere for hanging out with friends, doing homework or going on a date. On warmer days, be sure to check out their rooftop patio!


I hope you check out some of these affordable options for great food on Franklin! The plethora of restaurants is one of UNC’s best qualities, and all students should take advantage of it!

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Raquel McLeod

Chapel Hill

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