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Campus Style: Christine Barringer ‘16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

Christine Barringer is a sophomore transfer student majoring in Pharmacy.  She’s in Company Carolina’s fall production of Legally Blonde: The Musical! and works in the costume department for Playmaker’s Repertory Company. Christine likes to play cards and board games, recently finished the entire series of Desperate Housewives on Netflix and thoroughly enjoys breakfast foods at all times of the day.

HC: Describe your personal style.

CB:  I have a grungy style, but it still has a little bit of preppy look to it.  I’m obsessed with looks from the 50s and 60s.  You’ll never see me out in public wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt.  I always try to look mildly put together.

HC: What are some of your favorite wardrobe pieces?

CB: I really like shoes, and I’ve worn holes into the bottom of my favorite cranberry penny loafers.  I wear high-waisted pants to elongate my legs, and I tuck in my shirts sometimes like our mothers made us do in elementary school.  I also have a lot of sassy lingerie, and I like to wear it under my clothes during the day — it’s so exhilarating.

HC:  What are some of your go-to stores or brands?

CB: The majority of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores and consignment shops.  I love buying sweaters for three dollars and finding a rad pair of heels for four.  I find a lot of Liz Claiborne clothing at thrift stores, and for some reason that brand looks phenomenal on me.  A large portion of my clothes consist of items that I borrowed (err.. stole) from my older sister, ex-boyfriends and my grandpa.

HC: Where do you get inspiration for your style?

CB: Tumblr helps with inspiration, but mostly I just like seeing people confident in what they are wearing.  Confidence is super sexy!  Wear those mustard yellow stockings if you want to, or wear that sweater with a giant reindeer on the front.

HC: What accessory can you not live without?

CB: There are two things I can’t live without.  Lipstick. Lipstick. Lipstick.  You can never have too many different shades of lipstick; every girl needs a red, a pink, a nude and an orange at bare minimum.  And the second thing is the old denim shirt that my Paw Paw gave me.  That shirt has so much character, and it has such a great story to tell the world with its wrinkles and stains.  I wear it almost every other day as an extra layer.
HC: What looks are you excited to rock during the winter months?

CB: Winter time means layers, layers and more layers.  I love layering.  I’m pumped about sweaters and big hair.  I’m excited to see all the cool and unique pants that everyone has.  I need to go buy more pants before it gets much colder.

HC: Is your style reflective of your personality?

CB: I’m generally a chill person, and my clothes give off a chill vibe.  Whenever people compliment my clothes, I have the sudden urge to tell them where I got them and how much it was and my favorite thing about it.  I have a lot of clothes that can mix and match, and I love having those peculiarly unique pieces that I can break out and feel so flashy!

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Chapel Hill

Jenny is an aspiring journalism and communications professional in her senior year at UNC-Chapel Hill.  She has spent her summers living in Manhattan, working for fashion PR firms while writing about the sights, sounds and fashion that inspire her.  Check out more: SweetTeaAndMemories.com.
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