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Campus Cutie ’16: Shakeel Rashad

Even as a freshman, this campus cutie has been turning
heads on and off the football field.

Name: Shakeel Rashad
Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla.
Year: 2016
Major: Undecided

Favorite YoPo/Cold Stone Flavor: Banana Split
Favorite Spot to study: Between any two trees on campus where
he can hang his hammock.
Favorite Spot on campus: The corner of the Quad just across from Wilson Library.
What is a fun fact about yourself?
A fun fact? I am a big fan of leather Sperry Topsiders? Is that a fun fact? Here’s another: I have an Iphone but I’m team Droid.
Motto: You only live once.

Do you have any hobbies?
I really enjoy playing Xbox, sleeping, and watching tv–well not all T.V., just cartoons. Oh, and ceramics. (A guy who loves ceramics, does it get any cuter?)
In addition to his studies and the game of football, Shakeel has already gotten involved on campus through Athletes in Action (AIA).

What would you consider the perfect date?
Anything weird but still fun. Nothing conventional.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Can I name 2? Definitely Oprah and Alex Morgan.

What qualities do you find attractive in a girl?
She has to be fun, easy to talk to, and she would also have to value honesty. Also, I like a girl who doesn’t mind me sleeping a lot.

This campus cutie is a great example of how great our student athletes are at UNC. Although he is from Jacksonville, Florida, he has no doubt that he is going to have a great first year. He has a great sense of humor and is really excited for the overall Carolina experience.In his time here, he plans to continue playing football and explore the Exercise and Sports Science Major offered by UNC as well.

As a first-year football player who signed in January, his passion for the game is evident when he speaks of it. This 6-2 linebacker is exactly what UNC fans love, a great player and a great person. So there you have it ladies, a first year linebacker who enjoys studying in a hammock and has a celebrity crush on Oprah–I mean, does it get much cooler than that?

Photo- UNC GoHeels.com Football Bio


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