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Campus Celebrity: Caleb Pressley ’15

For those who don’t know him, Caleb Pressley can be found on the sidelines of every UNC football game, wearing a headset and sporting the NFL jersey of a former UNC player.  A former quarterback for UNC, this senior has now been given the title “Supervisor of Morale.”  Pressley left the football team last spring to study abroad in Scotland, and upon his return UNC’s coaching staff granted him this new position.  Now, Pressley spends game time alongside the coaches, delivering play calls to his fellow team members.  Off the field, Pressley has become well-known for his Youtube videos and his personal website, where fans can read or view Pressley’s most recent satirical works.

During his time at UNC, he has realized passions outside of playing football and now uses his humor and enthusiasm to not only make a name for himself, but to boost the attitudes of friends and teammates (hence his title!) During Carolina’s last home football game, ESPN turned special attention to Pressley on the sidelines, explaining how he chooses to be a part of the team in this new and unique way.  The best way to understand Caleb is through the following interview, but keep in mind that he’s famous because he doesn’t take life too seriously!

HC:  What would you say you’re most known for?  

CP:  That one time at Pulse…

HC:  In the last home game, you really stood out in your Bronco’s attire…What’s the story behind that jersey selection?

CP:  I’m always trying to incorporate different shapes, lengths, and looks in my wardrobe. Orange and navy are complementary colors and I knew going into it that they would be aesthetically pleasing. I wore the longer short sleeve because it’s one of the most underrated shirt styles.

HC:  What has been your favorite part/moment of being part of the UNC football team?

CP:  That one time at Pulse…

HC:  Was there ever a time when you thought football was your only passion?  Have you changed at all over your college career, finding other outlets?

CP:  Yes there was. And yes, I just found one that was being covered by the shelf by my bed.

HC:  If there’s one thing you’d like to be remembered for, what would it be?

CP:  That one time at Pulse…

HC:  Do you ever get recognized on campus because of your *hilarious* videos/website?

CP:  If so, they haven’t introduced themselves.

HC:  Would you consider yourself a campus celebrity?  

CP: Well, @CoachFedora doesn’t follow me back on Twitter…

HC:  Well, we consider you a campus celebrity…did you ever see this happening to you?

CP:  I did when I stopped playing football and went to another country. That was when I knew, that when I got back, I would be famous—for football.

HC:  What are your dreams/hopes/aspirations for after you graduate?

CP:  To still get wristbands for LDOC.

Thought his answers were funny/interesting?  So did we!  To learn more about Caleb make sure to pay a visit to his own About Me page, or follow him on Twitter.  Just make sure you don’t read his stuff in the library, because we promise you will laugh.

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