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Campus Celebrity: Becky Bush

Becky Bush, a junior reporting major from Chapel Hill, may be in her first semester at UNC but she is already proving she can make major contributions to campus. After completing an amazing internship at Lucky Magazine in New York this past summer, Becky transferred to UNC and immediately began implementing LuckyU, a campus ambassador program for the magazine targeted at trendy college women. Whether it’s writing crime stories for the DTH or staging an impromptu fashion show in the Pit for LuckyU, Becky is one busy girl on campus and making the most of her first year experience at Carolina.

HC: How did you land your internship with Lucky magazine this past summer?
Becky: I have family in the business and they sent my resume to one of the editors at GQ, who was nice enough to look at it and send it to the right person at Conde Nast’s HR department. I got an email one day asking me to come in for an interview over spring break in NYC. I booked a plane flight there, had my interview and received an email 24 hours later with an offer for a position in Conde Nast’s summer internship program. Conde Nast assigns you the location of your internship; during my interview, I brought up shopping a lot so that’s how I got placed at Lucky—it’s the shopping magazine!

HC: Describe your responsibilities as a Lucky mag intern.
Becky: The program is so fantastic because you not only work with your magazine but with people all over the company. Some days are slow, others are chaotic. One day I had to stand on the street and count how many people walked into a store! Every day is unpredictable and you learn so much. I did a lot of market research online for content and visited some designers and went to a few photoshoots. Just be helpful and knowledgeable enough to be a helping hand.

HC: What was your favorite part about interning at a top fashion magazine in New York?
Becky: I don’t know if I could pick just one thing! I had two big accomplishments. For the October issue, I got to write and design a page, which was the coolest experience of my life! The other big thing is that the Conde Nast interns make their own magazine, and I was chosen to write the leading feature story. It was about vintage clothing and how fashion repeats itself. Getting to visit the high-end vintage stores and see how they work was my favorite part. I got to meet so many different people while interning. Interns are from all over the country and they’re all smart; I learned so much from them.

HC: Where did the idea for LuckyU originate?
Becky: I had a meeting with one of the online content managers for Lucky after trying to write this blog post. I had done something similar for Procter and Gamble last year and for some reason we were talking about it; she suggested making a presentation of this idea to the people at Lucky. I figured that I would only intern at Lucky once and I should just try this out!

HC: What encouraged you to pitch the idea to the editor of Lucky Magazine about starting the program on UNC’s campus?
Becky: I showed my presentation to the online content manager. I made a comprehensive PowerPoint and a video of footage I had from Procter and Gamble, and just pitched a plan. She liked it so much that she said I needed to show this to someone else. She set up another meeting and on the last day of the internship. I got a fifteen minute slot with the editor-in-chief. She loved the idea and hired me to start this program. I don’t know how I wasn’t hyperventilating; I was totally starstruck and nervous!

HC: Explain more about LuckyU and its purpose on campus for UNC students.
Becky: It’s a program being piloted at UNC-Chapel Hill this year. Its goal is to bring affordable fashion to college girls around the country. We’re basically taking the brand and bringing it to the college level. The cool thing about Lucky magazine is that it’s all about discounts and affordable clothes. College students, by definition, are on a budget so why not combine affordability and fashion? On campus this year, LuckyU is going to hold a bunch of different events to show girls and students how to stay fashionable at a low price. Some events will include video talks with editors, monthly emails with discounts, fashion shows and a huge end-of-the-year fashion party.  

HC: How has the internship and LuckyU contributed to your college experience?
Becky: I’ve definitely gotten to meet a lot of people through both. It has really broadened my knowledge of style and clothes and opened my eyes to a whole new world. In terms of being a team leader, I never imagined I would be doing this! It has definitely been a learning experience.

HC: What are your career goals after graduation?
Becky: Well, I want to move to NYC right away because I’ m obsessed! Hopefully, I’ll work at a magazine one day. My lifelong goal is to be the editor-in-chief or publisher of a magazine, but I still have a few years before getting there!

HC: Would you recommend interning in New York for the summer?
Becky: One hundred percent yes! It’s my favorite place in the world. There’s a certain energy that’s irreplaceable. It’s addicting and everyone is ten times more motivated than I ever imagined. First thing, though: buy a subway map!

HC: Do you have any advice to students on campus looking to break into the fashion industry?
Becky: One—read about fashion. There are so many blogs and magazines and websites devoted to fashion; just read about it so you can write about it, and be knowledgeable of what’s going on in the industry. Two—just make sure you network. I know it sounds obvious but if you meet someone by chance, there’s no harm in emailing him/her. It’s not a bad thing to be pushy and let someone know you’re interested!

All photos provided by Becky Bush.

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