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Campus Celeb: J.P. Tokoto ‘16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

With another amazing basketball season under his belt, sophomore forward J.P. Tokoto played a key role in keeping the Tar Heels on top. Hailing from Menomonee Falls Wisconsin, J.P. lead the UNC Basketball team in steals and earned ACC All-defensive team honors this year. Not to mention he has a killer dunk!  Keep reading to get J.P.’s inside scoop to his life on and off the famous Carolina blue court.

Her Campus:  When did you start playing basketball?

J.P. Tokoto: I started playing basketball in 6th grade. I was a soccer player from the age of 4 until I was 13.

HC: What other schools were you deciding between before you picked Carolina?

JP: I considered Florida, Marquette, UCONN, UCLA, Michigan State, and Maryland.

HC:  What’s your most embarrassing story on or off the court?

JP: Actually it was my first summer here on campus. I was walking to class in the morning and every morning I would stop and buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts and an apple juice. I was near my class and I was throwing away my bag when a squirrel literally hopped out of the trash can, onto my arm, and off my arm onto a nearby tree. I about lost my mind and freaked out not realizing other students were witnessing me spazz out!  I flailed my arm and kind of squealed, haha. I am now permanently scarred and won’t go near any trash cans close to trees.

HC: What was your favorite moment this season?

JP: It definitely was beating Duke here at home. It was special because not only was it at home and we beat Duke, but we weren’t able to get our seniors last year a win against Duke. Just beating them in our stadium was awesome!

HC: What’s your favorite pick-up line?

JP: My favorite is: “Do you have a bandaid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you!” Another that always makes me laugh is: “I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”

HC: If you weren’t playing basketball what would you be doing?

JP: I would be working with kids in some way whether it was educational or involving sports. I love kids and have always been told I’m good with them. I have three younger siblings and spend a lot of time with them, so it makes sense. Plus I’m a big kid at heart! I like to play jokes on people and I play pranks on my teammates all the time.HC: Last but not least, if you had to pick a song to describe your life what would it be?

JP: The song that describes my life would have to be “Love Story” by Taylor Swift!






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