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Books, TV Shows, Movies and Media Keeping Me Occupied

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

I know that, rationally, I am pretty lucky. I’m home and healthy with my mother and sister, and we have food in our pantry. Emotionally, however, knowing that there are bigger problems out there than my own doesn’t change my feelings all that much. Feelings are irrational like that. Humans are social animals, and this isolation is hard on us all. And times like these remind me why entertainment exists. Books, TV shows and movies have the power to make us feel a little less lonely, so here are a few that are keeping me occupied.

Popular: Finding Happiness and Success in a World That Cares Too Much About the Wrong Kinds of Relationships

Popular is a book by UNC’s own Mitch Prinstein. It investigates “popularity” in every sense of the word and proposes novel ideas about authenticy in relationships. As someone who believes the most important thing in life is the people you share it with, I strongly recommend this great read from which I learned a lot. It is fascinating when juxtaposed against the isolation we are all experiencing now.


Unpopular opinion: Legacies is better than Vampire Diaries and The Originals. There is a tender heart to this show that allows the characters really shine. The series takes moments to forget the plot and the baddies and just let the characters be characters. This show is far from perfect, but it is definitely worth your time.

The Ezra Klein Show

I threw in a podcast! Ezra Klein works at Vox Media, and his podcast, The Ezra Klein Show, is associated with Vox’s plethora of podcast media. Klein is almost absurdly intelligent, but, more importantly, he uses his intellect to ask incredible questions and holistically tackle every inquiry that comes his way. His show is definitely one from which you’ll learn. The show handles itself in a way that makes the listener feel secure and maybe just a little optimistic for the future.

Disney’s Descendants 

Now that all three of these movies are on Disney+, I got to binge all of them in a row. I was surprised by how much they entertained me. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been. DCOMs are the best. Maybe that’s the nostalgia talking, but it could also be the songs from Descendants that I cannot get out of my head.

One Direction on the X Factor UK in 2010

I am an unashamed Directioner. For all my fellow 1D fans, I recommend watching (or re-watching) 1D’s stint on The X Factor (UK) from 2010. It is all on YouTube, and it will take you back to the floppy-haired times of the early 2010s.

Katie Jackson

Chapel Hill '23

Katie is an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill. She is part of the Campus Y Outreach Taskforce and HYPE Tutoring. Interested in sustainability, economics, and global culture and policy, Katie plans to study business, public policy, and environmental sciences. Katie loves her kitten named Hiccup (yes, from How to Train Your Dragon), her two dogs, her other kitten (even though it is technically her sister's) and her cat.