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#BodyPositivity: 5 Inclusive Brands You Should Check Out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

Everyone is unique, and trying to find makeup or clothes that accommodate our uniqueness is difficult. Here are five inclusive, body positive brands you should take a look at!

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna is doing such a great job with this brand, and I feel that it is so inclusive. It has so many products with formulas that complement the undertones of various skin tones, as well as 40 shades of foundation. Obviously, Queen RiRi has made a product that has something for every woman, and I stan it HARD!


What’s more inclusive than a brand that allows you to make customizations? EShakti is already inclusive by offering sizes from 0 to 36W but goes even further by altering the clothing through exact body measurements. But wait, there’s more! Necklines, sleeves and length are ALSO customizable!

Old Navy

We see the Old Navy brand everywhere and are familiar with the affordable prices. Not only are they wallet-friendly, they are body positive. Many of their ads online and on TV feature people of all shapes and sizes!

Dear Kate

Dear Kate is a fantastic brand. Their products are truly empowering. Their underwear and apparel are designed to be “hi-tech and low stress” so that women can “live worry-free and fear-proof,” especially during that time of the month.


I don’t know if anyone has noticed lately, but Target has been killing it with the size options! There is something for everyone in their clothing sections! Even their social media features real women and proves that body positivity and attainable style are real things.

If you feel like there’s nothing out there for you, think again. There are plenty of brands that offer just what you’re looking for, and these five wonderful brands are great places to start looking!

Paige Pennebaker

Chapel Hill '21

Paige Pennebaker is an aspiring writer who attends UNC-Chapel Hill as a Senior during the day. She enjoys writing fiction and has been published on shortfictionbreak.com. While fiction is where her heart is, Paige also has a lot to say about the real world and how to get by.