Biting the Bullet: My Thoughts So Far

If you all remember, I decided to start a bullet journal this year. It's been pretty interesting so far and I actually feel like I'm more organized, thanks to my BuJo. I keep track of everything in my BuJo and have come to realize that I feel almost restless if I haven't filled out my tracker yet or glanced at my To Do list. Part of me actually feels that I'm not being productive unless I am actively checking off the tasks on a daily basis. That causes me to be productive, which is really good...until I don't have my spread ready when the next month starts.

The one thing that I have struggled with so far is getting my monthly spread finished before the month begins. Take a look at my February and March spreads: 

Both of these spreads were finished maybe a few days to a week after the month started. The purpose of a BuJo is to make the lives of busy people easier with a planner structured to accommodate their rushed personalities, yet the spread takes forever. People that have the gorgeous spreads with intricate details must have time on their hands. I don't have that luxury, so my spreads are kind of detailed but not really. 

Aside from the spreads being a pain to plan and create, BuJo has been fun. As you can see, I expanded my spreads from being black, white, silver and gold. I decided to invest a little money into my hobby and purchase a 24-pack of dual tipped markers from Amazon. They were relatively cheap, but I have to say they are great for their price. I love them so much! I carry them around with me everywhere. I also purchased a large eraser and an artist fine liner pen from my student store. The eraser is good for erasing large portions of the page, especially after outlining my pencil sketch in ink. It makes everything look neat and professional.

Going forward, I think my challenge will be to get my monthly spreads planned out and made at least a week or two before the month actually begins. Maybe this could enhance the BuJo experience?