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Beyond That Carolina Blue Shirt: Tips and Tricks on Gameday Attire

It’s game day in Chapel Hill once again. The sun shines as freshmen and upperclassmen alike flood Kenan Stadium donned in their bright Carolina blue T-shirts, awaiting team victory. However, after a while, those Carolina blue shirts will fade and lose their fashion appeal. So what’s a girl to do? Her Campus is here to give you some tips and tricks on how to score in the fashion department on game day.

1. DO invest in Carolina blue accessories.
       Thank goodness for Student Stores and the various shops on Franklin Street for this one. There are plenty of places you can buy UNC earrings, bracelets, hair ribbons and much more. Sometimes it’s not the outfit, but the accessories that make an outfit go from ordinary to spirited.

2. The Classic Button-up look
       This is for all you preppy fashion fans. Invest in a nice Carolina blue button-up, pair with jeans, flats (or even wedges for the fashion conscious) put on some Carolina blue-colored accessories, and you’re good to go! It can go from game day to celebration night out at He’s Not or any restaurant or bar on Franklin, so you’ll need less time to freshen up between outings.

3. The Sundress option
  I’m sure these last few weeks you’ve seen plenty of girls walking around campus in sundresses. It seems these flirty little numbers are a Carolina girl’s best friend (besides sweet tea of course!). Look for a Carolina blue one; pair it with sandals and you’re ready to watch the game!
                  Trick: Even pairing a white, black or neutral-colored one with Carolina blue accessories can make a simple outfit for game day.

4. Taking it easy…
   So we all understand those days (especially after a rough Friday night) where you may find it difficult to want to dress up, like the previous options. Here comes our way to look cute, spirited and comfortable at the same time.
   Carolina skirts and shorts: Nothing says “low maintenance cutie”, like many of the skirts and shorts sold in Student Stores. Don a pair of Carolina Soffe shorts with a tank or v-neck and you can still be cute and comfy. If you’re feeling flirtier, don a skirt and a cute top and you’re ready to mingle while you enjoy the game!

5. Painting up
 If you haven’t yet painted up for a Carolina game, I recommend you do as soon as possible (preferably on a hot day). Purchase some Carolina blue and white paint, and don an outfit that you won’t mind getting ruined (or you can wear a sports bra and shorts). It isn’t really an outfit…but it’s definitely something to cross off your Carolina bucket list!

The DON’Ts of Gameday fashion
6. Heels aren’t for everyone, and sometimes stadiums aren’t heel-friendly. Heels may look great, but after climbing up and down so many stairs, they lose their practicality. Save the heels for the celebration after the game, and stick to flats, flip flops or sneakers in Kenan. Your feet will thank you.
7. Be mindful of the temperature. The day may start off as hot, but try to bring a cardigan or sweatshirt in case the winds pick up. No one wants to be sick the rest of the weekend!

Use these tips to have a great time in Kenan Stadium!

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