8 Adorable Insta-Famous French Bulldogs to Get You Through the End of the Semester

Scientific fact: There isn’t a single person on earth who loves dogs more than a college student does. Dogs are few and far between on UNC’s campus (ugh, student housing), making the struggle of missing our own favorite pooches even realer. If you need your puppy fix fast (seriously, it’s the best way to de-stress!), these Insta-famous Frenchies have you covered. Get ready to go on a following spree.


1. Manny the Frenchie (@manny_the_frenchie https://www.instagram.com/manny_the_frenchie/?hl=en)


With nearly 1 million followers, Manny is about as Instagram-famous as it gets – we’d guess it has something to do with countless aww-inducing shots of him sleeping in the sink.


2. Milo (@frenchiebutt https://www.instagram.com/frenchiebutt/?hl=en)


What’s cuter than a French bulldog? A SMILING French bulldog. Milo’s adorable little facial expressions will have you scrolling and scrolling until you realize you’ve spent 15 minutes staring at the same dog. (Whoops.)


3. Piggy and Polly (@piggyandpolly https://www.instagram.com/piggyandpolly/?hl=en)


We challenge you to find something, anything, that’s cuter than this dynamic duo of Frenchies snuggled up and spooning. (Hint: Nothing is cuter. Nothing.)


4. Chloe (@chloetheminifrenchie https://www.instagram.com/chloetheminifrenchie/?hl=en)


If there was a best-dressed award for Insta-dogs, it would go to Chloe, whose hobbies seem to consist of getting dressed up and eating pizza as frequently as possible. (A.k.a. she’s basically us.)


5. Stella (@stellamyfrenchie https://www.instagram.com/stellamyfrenchie/?hl=en)


Tiny body + huge ears = maximum cuteness levels achieved.


6. Bleecker (@bleecker_thefrenchie https://www.instagram.com/bleecker_thefrenchie/?hl=en)


Being the pooch of famous fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein certainly has it’s perks – Bleecker regularly looks as trendy as his stylish momma.


7. Sir Charles Barkley (@barkleysircharles https://www.instagram.com/barkleysircharles/?hl=en)


With giant, round eyes and a hilarious name, few pups are as OMG-level adorable as Sir Charles Barkley.


8. Nellie the Piglet (@nelliethepiglet https://www.instagram.com/nelliethepiglet/)


In case her handle didn’t offer any hints, Nellie is an all-black Frenchie pup that basically looks like a combination between a puppy and a pig. You’re welcome.


Frenchie cuteness is always the cure for end-of-the-semester stress. Don’t think you’ll make it through this semester? These little guys and their smiling faces believe in you!