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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

As we navigate the fall season, I want to share some of my favorite fall trends. As much as I hate to admit it, I am addicted to Tiktok, and many of my recent fashion ideas come directly from TikTok creators and influencers. TikTok has done wonders for my personal style and helped me realize that it is okay to branch out and to try new things. I was always the girl who needed to stick to one specific aesthetic and never change, but NOT ANYMORE. Here are seven trends I’m loving that you absolutely need to try. 


The first trend I want to talk about is one I have not been able to get out of my mind since it popped up… this shade of green. Call it sage, call it pistachio, call it whatever you want, but it is PERFECT on virtually any skin tone. Not only does this color work well for any type of garment, but it’s also muted yet bold enough for someone who wants to start wearing more color but isn’t sure how. If you would’ve told me last year that I would be incorporating so many colors into my wardrobe, I would’ve told you that you were insane, but it all started with this shade of green. You cannot scroll through TikTok fashion without seeing it everywhere on jackets, crop tops, pants, you name it. I am urging you to go out and buy something in this color; you will NOT regret it.

Sweater Vests 

My next favorite fall trend is sweater vests. These have been ALL over TikTok and Pinterest the last month or so. They’re so versatile, and I will definitely be on the hunt for every color I can find! For a preppy vibe, I would style it with a tennis skirt and a collared shirt underneath. For a more grunge but chic look, I recommend pairing it with a button-down shirt dress and some chunky knee-high boots. For extra warmth, add a leather blazer!

Faux Fur

Let’s be real, faux fur is ALWAYS in for fall, but what I especially love about the trend this year is the faux fur accents on cardigans and coats. House of Sunny recently released this Peggy Cardi in an assortment of colors (shown above), followed by a dupe made by Zara, and it has taken the TikTok world by storm. Almost every video I see with a user wearing these cardigans is going viral. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am in love. You will without a doubt be the center of attention when walking into a room, so get out there and make a statement.

Faux Leather 

Faux leather is a trend I have always loved, and I have been seeing it blow up more than normal this year on social media. However, this is not the typical faux leather trend that is popular in fall months consisting of black faux leather biker jackets and skinny hot pants. This season, faux leather blazers and straight-leg pants are in, in every color you can imagine. 

Chunky Heels

A huge shoe trend I’ve seen on TikTok, especially among the alt community, is chunky heels. Not only are these heels easier to walk in, but they help add a more edgy 90s feel to your outfit. My personal favorite pair of chunky heels are boots that hit just below the knee. I just think they make whoever is wearing them look incredibly powerful. Whether it’s platforms, pumps, or boots, definitely keep an eye out for some chunky heels to add to your wardrobe this fall.


Since even before the fall season, lingerie as everyday wear has blown up on TikTok this year. This trend proves that lingerie doesn’t always have to be risque. For a date look, I would pair a nice lingerie slip with some knee-high booties and a leather blazer. Maybe even throw on some pattern tights. When thrifting, the first thing I do is run to the lingerie section in hopes of finding the perfect corset or lace-trimmed slip.


Funky Prints

Lastly, the most surprising trend I have been loving on TikTok is funky prints. From prints on pants and shirts to crazy patterns on dresses and nail designs, I am obsessed with colorful patterns and this trend. One of my favorite examples is this gorgeous Paloma Wool set. Their site is filled with amazing patterned clothing, and although these are definitely on the expensive side, you could easily find one-of-a-kind funky pants at a thrift store!

We’re in the midst of fall, and now is the perfect time to try some new fashion trends and diversify your closet. These are some great trends to consider, but feel free to peruse social media and look for your own fashion inspiration!

Samantha Casolaro

Chapel Hill '22

Samantha Casolaro is a junior at UNC, majoring in Advertising and Public Relations aspiring to work in the fashion and beauty industry. She loves to spend quality time with friends, binge watch TikToks dedicated to fashion and Harry Styles, and listen to Miley Cyrus’s cover of “Heart of Glass” on repeat.