7 Beauty Products for Black Women

Makeup: the one thing that will always be on top of the list of hot commodities for women. We love makeup! Commercials on TV boast about their flawless coverage, insane ability to make your eyelashes 5 inches long, and beautiful lip colors. Between Sephora, Ulta, makeup counters in malls, and many other places, makeup is easily accessible. However, there is one little glitch sometimes. If you are like me, a black woman, you can’t always find the best products for your complexion, especially when it comes to foundations. Sometimes products stop at shades that are too light or the lip colors just don’t fit with our skin tone. Well I am here to tell you that THERE IS HOPE! Here are seven black-owned makeup brands that cater to your needs as a black woman.


1. Black Opal Beauty

Black Opal Beauty was created in 1994 when three beautiful black ladies decided to attack the issue of not having makeup for darker skin head-on. These ladies, who call themselves The Doctor, The Muse, and The Chemist, created a makeup brand that would help stop the problems specific to women of color. Black Opal Beauty is affordable and they even go beyond makeup with skincare products.

2.     Fashion Fair

Fashion Fair was created by Eunice W. Johnson, the creator of the Ebony Fashion Fair Show. Johnson was said to take a “risk” most brand name makeup companies would not by creating makeup for women of color. Fashion Fair was inspired by its fashion show predecessor and offers a wide range of shades.

3.     Shea Moisture

That’s right ladies. The wonderful hair care line has makeup! Everyone knows how well Shea Moisture works on hair, but not many people know they have makeup. Shea Moisture offers skin-friendly foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, blushes, and much more for all different skin tones. Even better, it is exclusively at Target and inexpensive!

4.     Colourpop

Colourpop has to be on this list for one simple reason. They have many black models! Colourpop uses swatches to show off their plethora of colors. The best part is that they have three different models with all different skin tones that show off the swatches! Colourpop knows that every person in the world doesn’t have the same skin tone, so they make sure to encompass many people in their displays.

5.     KA’OIR lipsticks

Do you like popping matte lipsticks with bright colors? Do you like makeup brands that don’t test on animals? Well, honey, KA’OIR is the brand for you. Ranging in all types of colors, KA’OIR has almost every color under the sun. The lipstick is beautiful and one tube only cost $16.99. Plus, KA’OIR prides itself on not testing on animals. So get a tube and make those lips look super poppin’.

6.     IMAN Cosmetics

IMAN — kinda like the ageless, graceful, beautiful supermodel Iman? Yes, that Iman. She has an amazing line of cosmetics “for all women with skin of color.” She launched her brand in 1994 with the philosophy of trying to represent different races, cultures, and ethnicities. She has makeup for African American, Asian, Latina, and multicultural women with 16 different foundation shades. Her line also includes eye and lip makeup and skincare products.

7.     Black Up Cosmetics

Black Up Cosmetics is a Paris-based line of makeup for women of color. It caters to black women, especially ones with darker skin tones. They are based on the professional and business looks boasting perfect coverage, powdery finishes, and vibrant colors.


While the world of makeup is extensive, there aren't always the best products out there for black women or women of color in general. These seven makeup lines are perfect for women of color and will have you looking runway ready.