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The 5 Essentials to Having a Bomb A** Spring Break

1. A Destination

Whether you’re going on a road trip, a cruise, the beach, or just back home, know where you’re going. Plan interesting ways of getting there. There’s always the go-to option of taking a flight, but also look into more scenic routes that a drive or a train could provide. Sometimes the cheapest option can be worth your while. If you’re travelling with friends, make the most out of getting to your destination. Memories can be made even before you touch down on your playing field.


2. Spending Money

What is the point of going out of town or out of the country with no money? There is no need to flex. That’s not what spring break is all about. I suggest starting at least six months in advance to save up for this monumental week. That means that you should be booking your trips and transportation in the fall. You want to be comfortable while abroad so having $300-500 in your account should suffice and you may even have leeway.

3. Destination Related Accessories

For many, including myself, buying the perfect bathing suit can be a hassle, especially if ordered online. There are so many different cuts: high waisted, bikini, monokini, etc., and so many patterns and colors. I’d suggest having at least three options, whether it be mix-and-match tops and bottoms, or three separate suits. If you’re going to be gone the whole week, you may as well have some variety. Skin cancer is preventable! So make sure you have at least one nice sized bottle of sunscreen. SPF of at least 15 is advisable. Sunglasses and hats are great to block out the sun as well. They can also serve as outfit enhancements. If by chance you’ll be somewhere cold, pack warm!

4. Friends

Unless you’re super extroverted and can make friends with pretty much everyone, I hope you won’t think of traveling alone for Spring Break. Sharing this time with friends who give off good vibes is key to having a great time. Also for safety measures, if you’ll be in an unfamiliar place for the first time it’s safer to go out in groups or pairs.

5. Alcohol

Now I apologize if you’re not yet 21, but let’s be real. Spring break is a time to let loose and do unconventional things. Consuming alcohol makes it easier to do just that. Sharing a massive fish bowl or getting your own Blue Kamikaze, Sex on the Beach, or other popular drink to nestle with you in the sand is an effective way to relax. Plus, spring break is one of the only times day drinking is completely normal.

Keep these five essentials in mind and I doubt you’ll even think about coming back to school.



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