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5 Best “Eats” in Chapel Hill, N.C.

1. Merritt’s Store and Grill: The best BLT you have ever put in your mouth.

2. Top of the Hill: Not only the food, but also the atmosphere. “Topo” is one of the best places to eat in Chapel Hill because they have a variety of menu options. Not to mention, craft beer!

3. Sup Dogs: Hot dogs from Sup Dogs are a necessity when in Chapel Hill. The bacon-cheddar fries aren’t a bad idea either.

4. Linda’s Bar and Grill: Linda’s has an awesome menu with options ranging from BBQ to homemade pimento cheese on a burger. My personal favorite is the TABLE sandwich (tomato, avocado, bacon, lettuce, and a fried egg!).

5. Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen: Bacon, egg, and cheese, please! The perfect breakfast stop in Chapel Hill.

Be sure to check out one of these great restaurants this week!

Sophomore at UNC
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