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4 Things To Fidget With During Zoom Classes

Although it is no longer 2017, the year of the fidget spinners, some people may still need to have something to fidget with during class, especially since many classes are now exclusively online. Personally, I find it much easier to focus on my zoom lectures if I have something to fidget with so that my hands are occupied. It can be hard to stay distraction-free while doing classes at home, so if you find yourself having a hard time, consider some of these fidgeting techniques.  

Here are four fidget-friendly items to calm your anxious energy during class. 


Play-doh was originally used in the 1930s as a wallpaper cleaner in Ohio. It was later rebranded and marketed towards schools in the mid 1950s and has been in the toy industry ever since.

Play-doh is an incredible toy to fidget with because it is easily manipulated and moldable. You can use it like a stress ball or make clay models. Really, the magic of play-doh is in its simplicity.


Working on a crafting project such as crochet or embroidery during class can also allow you to occupy your hands while still paying attention to your lecture. Once you get into a crafting ‘groove,’ you don’t really have to focus all of your attention on the project.


Doodling is a basic and effective way to fidget during class. If you find yourself needing something to do, simply drawing is a great outlet for this energy. If you make doodles related to course material, this could be constructive and more fun than just taking notes. For example, in biology class, you could draw some cells or an amoeba. 


Personally, I have always played with my jewelry during class — rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets. Literally everything. Now, companies are making jewelry specifically for fidgeting. Here is a ring on Etsy that is specifically made for fidgeting. While wearing the ring, you are able to spin a part of it, which can really help you focus. 

Hopefully, these fidget-friendly items can occupy your hands and calm your anxious energy. Happy fidgeting! 

Emily Murray

Chapel Hill '22

Emily Murray is a junior at UNC, double majoring in Biology and English. She loves reading and writing poetry. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @emilyrmurray1.
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