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3 Creative Ways To Go Abroad

Study Abroad

As college students many of us have had the chance to study abroad or at the very least we have heard about the plethora of opportunities offered through our Universities and majors to travel near and far. Odds are if there’s somewhere you want to go there’s a study abroad program that can take you there.

Outside of the programs offered directly through universities there is a wealth of additional opportunities to travel abroad that you can research through website and resources online. www.studyabroad.com (yeah it’s as simple as that!) is one such resource. You can choose to search by Country, Subject, or Program Type or any combination of the three making the process easier to narrow down for you!

As with any opportunity there are always pros and cons. With studying abroad, however, even the cons, like confronting language and cultural barriers and taking time away from your home university, come with the advantage of gaining some serious life experience. The pros are obvious and far too many too mention.

One such program found on studyabroad.com is in Acadia, Greece at the Arcadia Center for Hellenic, Mediterranean and Balkan Studies and Research. If you’re looking for a way to immerse yourself in Greecian culture in a vastly different way from the multitude of opportunities this may just be for you, plus it’s absolutely GOREGOUS!

Volunteer Abroad

If studying abroad doesn’t sound like the perfect fit for you there’s plenty of other options to make your way across the globe. One of the lesser-known options is the option to volunteer abroad. With a variety of different opportunities and locations volunteering abroad allows you to see the world while all the while lending a helping hand. Incorporating a variety of different opportunities and allowing for a wide variety of people to be involved volunteering abroad can include everything from teaching children English, to building community buildings, or providing general healthcare to the needy.

Volunteering abroad isn’t just centralized to grungy dirty locations in third world countries, granted many programs center on the needy, but there is still the opportunity to see some of the world’s amazing places all the while giving back to those less fortunate.

A good resource for volunteer abroad opportunities is http://www.crossculturalsolutions.org. They’ve got the details on programs in places like Peru, Russia, India, and many more. One program in New Delhi, India allows for participants to chose between caregiving, teaching, community development, and healthcare to fulfill the volunteer part of the program and then incorporates cultural activities and free time into a participants stay in country and even provides housing resources to make sure that the safest conditions are found.

So if you’re looking for the chance to enjoy culture and give back volunteering abroad could be the option for you!

Intern Abroad

If you don’t have the time to step away from school for a semester or even a summer, there’s still the opportunity for you to travel the world with intern abroad programs. There are thousands of websites and companies that offer interning abroad opportunities that allow for participants to get the experience of living abroad and gaining valuable work experience at the same time.

One website with details on various intern abroad opportunities is http://www.intraxinternshipsabroad.com. Offering internships in a variety of different fields that send participants all over the world from Spain to Japan, and everywhere in between. Their program provides for an internship placement, housing, one provided excursion, global skill training, and international support and insurance for the participant.

One internship listed on the Intrax website is within the PR/Advertising field for a Communication and Marketing Intern in Madrid, Spain. The position calls for a person to work with social media and marketing inside of the social media arena, as well as experience building up the company demographic and database.

For more opportunities like this one check out Intrax or just do a simple Google search, there are thousands of options waiting to be discovered!

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