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For every girl on UNC’s campus, Fall is a long awaited time of the year due to the ever-popular and always changing fall fashion. If you’re like me, this is your favorite season because you can be extremely comfy, yet still look cute. As girls, we all want to know the latest trends and these 10 items are must-haves for Fall 2013.

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”
—Carrie Bradshaw

1. Flannels
Most girls think these are one of the greatest creations ever made and I have to agree. Fall-colored flannels can be worn in totally different styles, which is what makes them so great. You can wear them around the house or even dress them up with a colored vest and pair of leggings to wear to class. These shirts are making a comeback and if you love dressing comfy like I do, then these shirts need to be a part of your fall closet.

Shop flannels: http://www.etsy.com/listing/159212203/mystery-oversized-hipster-grunge-flannel

2. Leather Jackets
If you’ve lived in Chapel Hill before you know how cold it can get here once November hits. Even though it’s cold we still want to look as cute as possible when we go out. Leather jackets are the perfect accessory to a cute top and jeans, and will be sure to keep you warm. This form fitting jacket will show off your curves, yet keep you ready for the chilly weather.

Shop leather jackets: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/guess-faux-leather-wool-blend-moto-jacket/3611944?origin=keywordsearch

3. Quilted Vests
These vests are making an appearance as a the top fall trend this year. Plus, they present options: you can keep them casual with a t-shirt or flannel underneath, or dress them up with a cute top and necklace; you can stick to the neutral colors or go step further to the brightly colored vests. These vests are perfect to wear when it’s a little cooler outside because they give you that extra layer, plus they add a pop to your outfit.  

Shop quilted vests: http://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/outerwear/woolpufferjackets/PRDOVR~02725/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20+225~~~0~15~all~mode+matchallany~~~~~quilted%20ves/02725.jsp?isSaleItem=false

4. Booties
Every girl needs the perfect closed-toed shoe to wear in the fall and this year booties are on the move. They are like the wedges of the fall. They go perfectly with almost any outfit and are very comfy! You can wear these for a night out or just if you feel like getting dressed up for the day. There’s the lace up bootie if you’re feeling sassy or the simple slip on. Now I know some of us don’t like wearing heels, but these shoes are very easy to walk in and well worth the height!

Shop booties: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/steve-madden-jayson-bootie/3554425?origin=keywordsearch

5. Aztec Sweaters
Sweaters are the perfect choice for cold weather. Now we all know about the oversized sweaters, but the Aztec sweater gives us a funky way to spice up our wardrobes. No matter what the print is, bright colors or dark, these sweaters are sure to stand out among the others. This fall patterns are in, and these sweaters bring you the attention you need (and deserve!).

Shop Aztec sweaters: http://www.tobi.com/product/52531-tobi-fringe-aztec-cardigan?color_id=71402

6. Barbour Jacket
This jacket is one of the top style trends for fall 2013. They may be a little pricey but they are definitely well worth it. Not only are they cute, they will most definitely keep you warm and are your best bet for fighting off the chilly Chapel Hill days and nights. If you don’t want to spend the big bucks, J.Crew and L.L Bean have come out with similar options which will keep you just as warm.

Shop Barbour jackets: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/barbour-quilted-utility-jacket/3325160?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=&resultback=196&cm_sp=personalizedsort-_-searchresults-_-1_2_A

or cheaper option:


7. Combat Boots
Now I know I already mentioned booties, but combat boots give us a comfy yet edgy option for fall boots. You can wear these boots to class or even dress them up with an outfit depending on your mood.  They are available in black and brown and in all different heights. I love these boots because you can throw them on with almost any outfit and be ready to go, and not to mention they might just be some of the most comfiest shoes ever!

Shop combat boots: http://www.belk.com/AST/Main/Belk_Primary/Shoes/Shop/Womens/Boots/PRD~2900240TROOPA/Troopa+Boot.jsp?cm_mmc=CSE-_-Google-_-Shoes%3EShop%3EWomens%3EBoots-_-0400651502098&CAWELAID=1624726525&gcsct=0ChMI2LObveTbugIVg4XmCh1TWQAAEAI&cmSAYTPARAM=Image

8. Fur Vests
Fur Vests are an alternate option to the quilted vests mentioned above. These vests give you a sexy way to dress up any outfit, and with gold accessories you will make every girl wish she were you. You can wear this piece with an assortment of outfits including jeans and a shirt or even a flirty dress. This option is probably my favorite trend for fall 2013 just because it gives you that extra layer, but in a sexy, appealing way.

Shop fur vests: http://www.tobi.com/product/52203-ellison-ever-as-be-fur-vest?color_id=70904

9. Tights
If you’re like me you still love to wear dresses and skirts even when it gets cold outside, just add a pair of tights and your outfit will be complete. You can stick with plain tights or add a little spunk to your outfit by pairing it with patterned tights. This type of outfit is perfect for job interviews, dates, or a night out!

Shop tights: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=acc_legwear&ProductID=2040882007&VariantID=

10. Socks over the boots
The perfect way to dress up a pair of boots is to buy some colorful socks that are high enough to stick out above the boots. They add a pop of color to the outfit and help to dress up the boots a little, plus they’re a great way to keep your feet warm and cozy!

Shop socks: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=28010163&parentid=SUGGESTIVE+SEARCH+RESULTS


It’s your turn now to make shopping this fall FUN! Go with these 10 trends in mind and you’ll be sure to make every guy “fall” for you! Hurry while you can because winter is fast approaching and before you know it it’ll be Spring, meaning a whole new closet change, and better yet, the 10 Spring Trends for 2014. Until then, Good luck!

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