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10 Annoying Things You Should Stop Doing on Facebook

At some point in our lives we’ve all been guilty of oversharing and irritating our Facebook friends. It’s understandable. I know that I’ve certainly had my fair share of slightly obnoxious posts. Frustration and repeated offenses will eventually get you to the point where you consider defriending these people or my personal favorite, hiding them from your Newsfeed. It makes you wonder if these people are completely oblivious. Nonetheless, here’s a list of Facebook habits we all really should stop. Minor aggravations add up fast and nobody wants to be the person that has people rolling their eyes as they skim through their Newsfeed. Think of it as a public service to your Facebook friends.

  1. Filter-less/mundane posts: These posts are completely unnecessary and they constantly clutter your Newsfeed. There’s no need to post your daily routine on Facebook. If you really have to give a play-by-play account of your day, do us all a favor and use Twitter. Less is more.
  1. Entire albums devoted to you: Having a million pictures of yourself doing a pouty face and pretending to be a model is excessive and kind of narcissistic. Nobody wants to see a million web cam shots of anyone, and the “bathroom mirror picture” is a blatant offense. If you have a large abundance of mirror pictures, it makes it seem like you can’t walk past a mirror without talking a picture of yourself (a camera really doesn’t belong in a bathroom, anyway).

  1. Syncing your Twitter with your Facebook:
    This is for those people who use their Twitter to automatically update their Facebook status. Twitter and Facebook are two different social networking sites and they serve separate purposes. Let’s not blur the line between the two.
  1. Bragging and self-promoting: It’s understandable to want to share your good news with others, but when you constantly seem to be promoting your every accomplishment it makes you seem arrogant and desperate for attention. You don’t need to update your status every time you receive a promotion, ace a test or finish a marathon. You’ll still feel just as accomplished even if you don’t receive 25 likes on your status.
  1. Tagging people in bad Pictures: We all take bad pictures from time to time. Use your judgment and don’t tag your friends in pictures they look bad in. They’ll appreciate the gesture.
  1. Passive-aggressive status updates: If you have an issue with someone you should address them directly, not post a vague status dripping with indignation. Clearly, you have something to say to someone, so say it. Don’t use Facebook as a forum to bash someone.
  1. Excessive use of quotes/song lyrics: There’s nothing better and more comforting than a good quote or song lyric. Sometimes you just have to share that awesome J.Cole lyric with Facebook. But if your status is always some inspirational quote or Taylor Swift lyric, you’re probably annoying your friends. And you are probably taking it too far if all your profile pictures are captioned by a quote. Moderation is key.

  1. Spotify:
    An annoying result of Facebook and Spotify’s new integrated features is the automatic publishing of every single song you listen to on your Newsfeed. Every. Single. Song. So, if you spend any period of time on Spotify, your friends will be bombarded with a detailed list of everything you listened to in real time. Fortunately, you can now enable "Private Listening" from Spotify's menu options, which will stop the auto-publishing.
  1. Blowing up your friends’ Newsfeed: If you and your roommate are in the same room, please do everyone a favor and talk to each other; don’t write an absurd amount of wall posts and comments to each other. Nobody really cares about your inside jokes. This is especially true for couples. Don’t be that annoying couple that constantly needs to express how in love they are. People get it.
  1. Confusing Facebook with real life: Facebook is a social networking website, not real life. There’s no need to feel “Facebook Envy” or “Facebook Depression.” People want you to only see the good in their life like their amazing vacation or their great boyfriend. People aren’t going to tell you about how they are home alone on Saturday night or about how they are failing geology. Facebook is nothing more than a virtual self-portrait that individuals can constantly retouch, update and alter. It’s subjective. People want you to see only their best self. Keep that in mind before you judge someone based on their Facebook profile. Nobody has a perfect life, and by no means does Facebook accurately reflect reality.


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