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Why No One Goes To The Movies Anymore

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CCCU chapter.
Recently, we at CCCU Her Campus, have been reminiscing about things we liked to do as kids, and the biggest one was go to the cinema. Why has that changed? The films are bigger and better, there’s more choice and many of today’s films inspire millions of people. So why have we stopped going?
Myself and Social Media Manager Ashleigh went to see The Maze Runner this week (watch out for her review!) and we absolutely loved it. But there are some drawbacks to movies these days.
Going to watch a movie costs a small fortune these days! When we were kids it cost £5.00 to see a big Hollywood blockbuster and you would still have money left over for sweets. But these days, it costs nearly £10 just to see the film, and then another £7 for popcorn and a drink! Luckily student cards exist to make this slightly less painful but it’s still extortionate.
Two hours in one of those flip-down cinema seats is uncomfortable for anyone! Cinemas need to make more of an effort to make movie-goers comfortable in their viewing experience so they can enjoy the movie without having to fidget every five minutes.
Time is precious, especially when you’re a busy person. So spending nearly three hours in the cinema seems like a big waste! Also, people’s attention spans are shrinking and there is nothing worse than watching a 120 minute film and completely forgetting what happened at the beginning because it just dragged on!
The atmosphere in a movie theatre is so important for a good viewing experience. If the cinema is full of movie lovers then you’re fine. But these days it’s usually teenagers who spend the entire time giggling, saying they don’t get it, and taking selfies on their phone. It ruins the experience for everyone.
All of this factors together to answer my question – people don’t go to the movies because of the experience of the cinema and the practically-stealing prices for tickets. So, Movie People – sort it out, because I love watching films and I’m sick of paying through the teeth to do it!
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