Top 20 TV Casts we would love to Hang out with!

So here at Her Campus CCCU we are all a little addicted to our favourite TV Shows and Casts. So we fought it out and here is our list of Top 20 TV Casts we would love to hang out with!

1. The Big Bang Theory

After watching the cast do this flash mob who wouldn't want to hang out with them!


2. The Walking Dead

It must be pretty fun to watch the cast go from looking normal, to becoming Walkers! Or is that just us?


3. Friends


Come on, admit it! Everyone wanted to go and have a coffee with these guys in Central Perk!


4. The Heirs

This Korean Show just makes us want to see what Tv and Film cultures are like in the Eastern parts of the World!


5. Supernatural

From what we have seen these guys all seem to have fun on set, and we want a part of that action! Also, the cast are gorgeous!


6. The Mighty Boosh

We could see ourselves having such a laugh with these guys!


7. Charmed


8. Lost

For some of us, we are still waiting for Answers! But it must have been fun for these guys to discuss what they thought was going on!


9. Game of Thrones

10. Doctor Who 

This maybe due to the fact we all want to be the Doctor's Companion!


11. New Girl


12. Gilmore Girls


13. The IT Crowd


14. House of Cards


15. The Musketeers


16. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Yes, we are big Disney Geeks and Proud of it!


17. Hollyoaks


18. NCIS


19. Criminal Minds

We are still praying Emily comes back to the team and stays... We miss her!


20. Summer Heights High

Okay, so technically this is just 1 guy, but you can't disagree; he is quiche!

So did we miss out any of your favourite TV Casts, or do you agree with us! Let us know by tweeting us or dropping a comment on our Facebook page!