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The Perks Of Being In A Relationship In Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CCCU chapter.

You always see posts that state why it’s so good to be single, often written by someone who is single and is trying to reassure themselves how good their lifestyle is – even though most of the time they’re “on the pull.”  For those of us in relationships, it is most annoying hearing all of your single friends talking about how it must suck for us to be in a relationship and how they can just have fun without worry. Well, it’s time for a post by someone in a relationship about the perks of being in a relationship this winter and why it’s the option I’d much rather choose.


Not the most important thing but it is a huge bonus. When you are in a serious relationship and are earning money (or receive a student loan,) you begin to get really nice presents, which is the perfect timing as it’s when your parents often stop buying you them. Whether it’s a theatre trip, a short break or a just a really cute, cuddly teddy bear, it’s often the perfect gift for you as your partner knows you so well. And it is extra special watching your partner open a gift that you got them and seeing them smile and how excited they get for it.

2.Avoiding mistletoe

There’s nothing worse than waking up the morning after a night out next to someone who would rather not be there. Being single, drunk and stumbling under the mistletoe on a night out could lead to this disastrous outcome and make you want to hide away from the world for days on end regretting what you have done. Being in a relationship, if you accidently end up under the mistletoe with someone other than your boyfriend (perhaps with the exception of Jude Law,) you have the perfect excuse to say “sorry I have a partner” and leave them standing there, kissless. And knowing the person you wake up to everyday is the nicest way to start the morning (other than perhaps morning breath that comes with it.)  

3.Having an answer for those annoying relatives

You know the ones. That Great-Grandmother Betty that you hardly ever see who for 20 odd years has tutted when the reply to “Do you have a boyfriend yet?” has always been no. WELL times have changed, and the look on her face is worth it when you finally say “yes, yes I do have a boyfriend” and is worth waiting all of those years. It also causes her to become speechless so the rest of her questions including “how are your grades?” and “have you got a job yet?” can be avoided.

4.Not having to wear short skirts in the cold

In next to no degrees, how some girls manage to go out in a mini-skirt late at night is beyond me – all to look as cute as they can for the heaps of guys with eyes googly over them.  When I go out, it’s usually with my partner and I have no need to dress up – or rather down – for anyone else. I’ll still wear a cute outfit, but pair it with tights and a jacket so that I’m not freezing to death. My boyfriend will still get to see my skin, however, it’ll be at home, in a heated house, next to the comfy bed.

5.He lends you his jacket

If there is a night where you do want to bear a bit of skin, then on the way home it’s very likely that your lovely boyfriend will lend you his jacket/hoody/jumper so that you can be warm as men seem to not be able to feel the cold. Boys jackets always seem to be a lot warmer than a girls tiny, thin jumper that we spend a silly amount of money on too.

6.You have an ice-skating partner

Oh how jealous I got when I used to skate around the rink alone, oogling at all the couples holding hands and helping each other if they fell. Well at last! I can be one of those people. Nothing says “romantic” and “winter” in the same sentence than being able to skate around, holding hands and looking super cute together. It’s also handing if you slip and fall over that they can be there to catch you and stop you getting your fingers sliced off by other skaters.

7.You don’t have to worry about Christmas weight

Although you don’t want to look like Violet Beauregarde after eating the gum, you can still feel better about pigging out on quality street and turkey and pigs in blankets. And you don’t have to worry about having to look good for New Year in the hope you get a midnight kiss because of course you will, from the boy who will love you no matter how many Ferrero Rochers you put in your mouth at once.

8.You can watch Christmas movies without crying

I cannot even tell you the amount of Christmas films like “Love Actually” or “The Holiday” come on and I cry into a box of Malteasers, wishing I had my very own Jude Law, or Hugh Grant or in fact anyone from those movies. Well now, I watch them with my partner and realise how lucky I am rather than wishing for a life I don’t have. The only downside is having to share my Malteasers, but he makes up for that later.   

There’s actually tons more reasons, from finally getting to wear a sexy bow lingerie outfit, to being able to hold someone’s hand while watching the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. There are many advantages for being single, such as not having to shave your legs or buy presents for as many people, but I’d still rather choose having someone to snuggle up on the sofa with, watching elf and drinking hot chocolate. 

Just a happy girl with a huge love for good acting, jazz music and tasty cocktails.