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Our Top Ten Television Shows Of The Moment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CCCU chapter.

To get you through this academic year we have our top ten recommend TV shows to help you escape your daily stresses.

Once Upon A Time

OUAT takes the most well-known fairy tales characters in history and drops them into our world. Cursed, confused and missing home our lovable characters have to contend with their new lives as well as some of the most feared villains in the business. However, are all the fairy tales we were told as kids true or are some the most famous heroines not as royal as you think?

Chicago P.D

This spin off cop drama had us hooked from the beginning and we are happy to say that the second series is just around the corner. Following on from its predecessor (Chicago Fire) Chicago P.D brings back some of the city’s finest to help fight crime and keep their own safe. Gripping, adrenaline pumping and jaw dropping we couldn’t recommend this show enough.

Penny Dreadful

We now take you back in time to the 19th century where some of the most famous fictional characters are brought together for a common cause. Dorian Grey, Victor Frankenstein and Van Helsing can all be seen in this drama as Dracula threatens their way of life. The show is a real nail biter and shocked us until the end.

Under The Dome

If you are a lover of Stephen King you will recognise this title as it is based on one of his best novels. What seems to be a more day turns into chaos for the residents of Chester’s mill as a dome appears and cuts them off from the rest of the world. Unbreakable and impenetrable the dome causes panic as the towns people try to band together in hope of a solution. Our main characters however soon find out that this massive dome is the least of their crazy problems.

Doctor Who

He’s back to save the world with a new face and we love it. Peter Capaldi shines as the Doctor bursts back onto our screens this year with companion into. New villains and of course some old scary favourites we have a feeling this eighth series is going to be a hit!

My Mad Fat Diary

Funny, out right bonkers and enough tears to fill a lake this series is a winner. MMFD follows teenager Rae as she tries to navigate through life after being released from psychiatric hospital. But with crazy parents, boys and friends who don’t know the real her you can be sure it’s not going to be that easy.

Downton Abbey

Our favourite Downton family are back for a new season and we can tell you that the scandals just keep on coming. As Downton Abbey enters the new modernised world around them many of the residents find it hard to adjust. Lies, secret loves and sarcastic arguments to spare we are delighted it is back on our screens.

Teen Wolf

This film inspired series is back for its fourth season and all the fan favourites are back to fight a new enemy. New wolves, heart breaking moments and a few shocks thrown in are sure to make this trip the beacon hills one to remember.

The Originals

A Vampire Diaries spin off with your favourite originals is just what Her Campus ordered. With the second season just around the corner we just had to re-watch the amazing first season. Based in New Orleans this show has Vampires, Werewolf’s and Witches to spare, all wanting to run this historical city.

Game Of Thrones

The cult favourite has just finished its fourth season but who didn’t want to re-watch all four series? GOT never fails to impress as each season blows audiences minds with its amazing story lines and lovable characters. Who will get the iron throne when the death count seems to rise each season?

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Ashleigh is 21 and is currently in her second year at Canterbury Christ Church University.