CSRfm Joins SU Quiz!!

Most CCCU students are aware of the quiz that takes place in the Student Union Lounge every Sunday evening.

Recently, the hosting duties were placed in the hands of CSRfm (Canterbury Student Radio) and the quiz is now fronted by Jack Twinam (left) and Sam Burke (right) who both present their own radio shows during the week. 

I had a quick chat with Sam about the switch over and what we should expect!


Are you guys excited to be hosting the quiz?

It's great for CSR and CCSU to have a continuous event together. A lot of people don't listen to the radio station, which has community members as well, so it's exciting to let people know that we are there and have a presence.UKC have a quiz run by CSR as well and so what we're doing is some kind of leaderboard that will join up both Universities just in time for Varsity. Who doesn't like a little bit of extra competition with the enemy?

Obviously you just mentioned the leaderboard, what else can we expect from the quiz now that it is in your hands?

The dance off and sing-a-longs will stay because they are favourites. CSR believe in interacting with their audiences, so we'll go into the crowd and talk , we'll have fun & stupid games. The main thing we want to bring in is fluidity and a well structured quiz that people will enjoy. Jack is the serious quiz host who likes to have a laugh, and I am the idiot with a mic. Good luck, ChristChurch.



The boys will be hosting the quiz every Sunday night at 8pm. Also, you can catch Sam's show 3pm-6pm every Monday and Jack's show every Friday 8pm-9pm on CSRfm.