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Halloween is coming up and whilst some of us may be tucked up in bed, hiding from their worst nightmares, some of us are braving going out or even throwing parties and welcoming all the evil monsters (or slutty cats) to our houses. So what’s the best way to throw a party? Alcohol? Check. Decorations? Check. Snazzy costume? Check. But the real secret to make your party that little bit more special is amazingly tasty and creative food that your guests will crave as the full moon rises. 

1)Tequila and worm jelly shots

These are super easy to make and a guarantee to make your guests happy (and also a little bit tipsy.) Just get some lime jelly cubes, mix in with half warm water and half tequila, pour into shot glasses and add jelly worms. Leave in the fridge for a few hours and they’ll be tasty, wobbly and ready to serve.


2)Banana ghosts and pumpkins

If you’re opting for a healthier option, these super cute banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins are sure to go down a treat and they’re even easier to make. Just cut some bananas in half and place some chocolate chips or icing appropriately to make up a scary ghost face. For the pumpkin, just peel the clementine and apply some celery or green icing to the top to make the cutest and tastiest little pumpkins you’ll ever see.


3)Toffee/Chocolate apples

These without fail have to be everyone’s favourite Halloween treat, and not only are they so tasty but the apple makes up for all the calories in the topping (it’s Halloween we can cheat our diets.) All you have to do is buy some apples, some sticks, some chocolate/toffee and some decoration toppings. Push the stick in the apple, cover in melted chocolate or toffee, sprinkle on your toppings, or if you’re creative enough create a scary face and then let cool in the fridge for half an hour or so. Easy peasy.


4)Ghostly meringues

Another great table decoration that’s pretty damn tasty to eat. To make all you  have to do is mix egg whites with casting sugar and shape into ghostly looking shapes onto your baking tray until cooked and then decorate with either icing or any other toppings that you think would fit well. For a better, more accurate meringue recipe try any cooking website.


5)Hot dog mummies

If you want something a bit more savoury at your party then these are the perfect choice for you and are possibly the easiest thing to make so far. All you have to do is warm up some canned hot dogs, cut them so that they look as though they have arms and legs and then just wrap them in something to make them look mummified! I find the best option is spaghetti! You could even add ketchup for a more bloody effect.

I’m sure there’s hundreds more spooky Halloween finger food out there which will be perfect for your party, but these are a few of my favourite. It’s about being creative with the food you already love and making it just that little more special.

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