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CCCU’s Top 7 Films For Valentines Day!

So we have reached that time of year where we get together with our partners or friends and celebrate Valentines Day. So here is our guide to the top seven movies we recommend for your night in!

1. Valentine’s Day 

First up is the 2010 all-star film Valentine’s Day. With Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba and Bradley Cooper heading up the cast we follow the lives of related characters and their struggles with love on a Valentine day. This traditional, light hearted, loved up film is brilliant for a couple’s date or girl night in! Look out for: this film has lots of shocking revelations right until the end!

2. Bridget Jones’s Diary

So next up we have the U.K’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw. This typical wine drinking, TV addicted, gossiping middle aged woman voices all the opinions we wish we could girls. As well as keeping a hilarious day to day diary we see our heroin faced with the aged old problem of men. Look out for: the two hot men in Bridget’s life played by Hugh Grant and Colin Firth!

3. The Notebook

The classic girl’s night in film is next. Before you watch this heart wrenching film we recommend you get your self’s a box of tissues, a massive bar of chocolate and a huge mug of coffee. One of the many perks of this film is an utterly amazing performance from Ryan Gosling (Yes girls, we dribble of him to!) Look out for: an amazing Soundtrack!

4. Avengers Assemble

This film is for all you guys who aren’t into the soppy, romantic film genre. Avengers Assemble is a brilliant action film that brings all your favourite Marvel heroes together. We join our heroes as they try to find the god of mischief Loki before he tries to destroy New York City. The perfect opportunity to show off your superhero knowledge or break the stereo type of a night in with the boyfriend. Look out for: a cameo from the Marvel King himself Stan Lee!

5. The Breakfast Club

For number five on our list we travel back to the 80’s for this classic teen film. The Breakfast Club takes us on a coming of age story where we meet our five main characters as they report for Saturday morning detention. (That’s right, detention on a Saturday!) We watch with warm hearts as our five polar opposite characters help each other get through this awful day. Look out for: the criminal, athlete, brain, basket case and princess.

6. My Bloody Valentine

Next we have the perfect reason for you to cuddle up next to the one you love. This 1981 slasher movie follows the murderous antics of an axe wielding miner who goes on a revenge rampage after a mining accident. We also recommend the 2009 remake My bloody Valentines 3D if you’re not into the vintage horror genre. (Other things we recommend a bowl of popcorn, a film partner and a pillow to hide behind for this film.) Look out for: the stunningly attractive Jensen Ackles and Jamie King in the remake!

7. Warm Bodies

For all of you that looked at number 6 and had a panic attack don’t worry because we have a substitute. Warm bodies is the date friendly, romantic zombie film of 2013. In this novel adaptation we follow the lovable, walking dead character R as he falls in love with his meal of the day. As his heart warms you just can’t help but smile at his budding, unconventional relationship with Julie. Look out for: fellow Brit actor Nicholas Hoult in the main role of R!

Well that’s it guys and girls! CCCU’s list of the top 7 films we recommend on Valentine’s Day. From all of us at CCCU we wish you a brilliant Valentines and an awesome day!

Ashleigh is 21 and is currently in her second year at Canterbury Christ Church University.
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