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Alternate Christmas Jumpers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CCCU chapter.

So last week our editor, Melissa Holden looked at some traditional Christmas jumpers available from the High Street stores. This week we have searched high and low in the darker and less well known places on the internet to find some of our favourite “Alternate” Christmas jumpers. So here are a few:


‘Adventure Time’ Christmas Jumper:

Any ‘Adventure Time’ fan cannot miss this wonderful Christmas Jumper. Available in Blue and Red it could be perfect for you or any friends as a gift! I ordered mine straight away in blue but know that Lumpy Space Princess would be saying “Oh My Glob!! What the lump Mason?! You know that blue brings out my eyes. I lumping hate you!” but she’ll have to forgive me as I couldn’t resist it! Click here if you want to order one of these, but be quick! They will sell quickly!


‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Jumper:

The Daleks and Cybermen would most definately be queuing for this jumper! Even Missy would think twice before killing you wearing this! As you will know from our previous articles, a lot of us here at Her Campus CCCU are ‘Doctor Who’ fans so this is a must have for all of us. If you’re interested Click Here for more information!


‘Superman/Superwoman’ Christmas Jumper

The iconic S of ‘Superman/Superwoman’ has be turned all Christmassy by adopting the traditional Christmas Jumper look. This unisex jumper is just adorable and available here if your interested.

‘Batman/Batwoman’ Christmas Jumper

Similar to the ‘Superman/Superwoman’ Christmas Jumper, the iconic Bat Logo has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland! And as an extra little nod, Adam West’s portrayal as ‘Batman’ has been commemorated. This unisex jumper is available here if you wish to become the hero Christmas deserves. 

Star Wars Christmas Jumper

Forget the gold bikini Leia! It’s far too cold out there for that. This ‘Star Wars’ inspired Christmas Jumper is what you really need right now! And with the announcement of the first ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ trailer this Christmas Jumper is sure to sell quickly! If you want it, click here for more information. 

So now you’ve seen our top choices for ‘Traditional’ and ‘Alternate’ Christmas Jumpers, what’s your favourite? Send us your pictures or drop us a message on our Facebook page or by tweeting us @HerCampusCCCU

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