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Article Warning: S*icide

When you acclaim a certain social status in life, no matter the time frame, feedback from society affects your life.

In the past, there were no social media platforms. Instead, you were face-to-face with the thoughts and opinions from the world; you had to wait for the magazine articles to drop or go on live interviews with hosts that lacked integrity and only cared about dehumanizing you as a person for ratings. Celebrities also had to deal with paparazzi, the vultures ready to push the boundaries to make sure they got money in their pockets. 

The cruelty in people will shift continuously because they will preach positivity in the daytime, but as soon as nightfall sets, their morals and principles are gone.

Technology has definitely advanced in today’s modern world. Still, when people wanted to get the importance of bullying and its consequences, they were physically inside classrooms talking to students. A new variation of bullying is cyberbullying. The transition from the physical world to the virtual world made many victims of bullying feel like they did not have an escape and caused them to commit suicide.  

People want to lack accountability when they say hurtful, disgusting, and demeaning comments to celebrities or public figures because that’s the life they “chose,” but in all actuality, these people decided to share their craft or talent with the world, they did not sign up to be bashed.

The facade about celebrities gaining success is equivalent to being impassive is flat out wrong. 

Imagine you’re outside, and a bug comes near you, yes it’s annoying, but you’re able to handle just that one bug, but now out of nowhere, there is a swarm of bugs coming in every direction – how do you respond? Or, let’s say, when a fight is one-on-one, it’s fair. However, it becomes unfair when one individual is getting jumped because how could they handle themselves when they only have one set of arms? 

The lack of sympathy when artists and public figures express the cruelty of the media and trolls on the internet is no different than a student in high school with a couple of bullies. Just because you put one person in the limelight, at the end of the day, they are all human beings with feelings and deserve the same respect and chances that we give ourselves. 

Seeing video clips or photographs of celebrities deteriorating right before our eyes and society being content with that as long as they give us music or the latest fashion trends is disgusting.

Everyone has a part in how we treat each other in this world, whether big or small. It is free to treat people with kindness, and it is free to treat people with hate, but one has better karma than the other; choose wisely.

Ashley Pitt is a second year Mass Media student with minor in Sociology at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Her interests involve the entertainment industry as well as shedding light on topics hidden from the media. Having a passion to show authenticity in society, she documents her truth through her writing and as well on other social media platforms!
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