So if you’re a close friend of mine you just may know that one of my favorite groups is a band by the name of Brockhampton. On October 14th, 2018, I was able to go see them live and now I’m gonna give you a rundown on whom Brockhampton is, some of their popular songs and some feedback from the show.

Things about Brockhampton:

  1. Brockhampton is an alternative hip-hop “boy band” comprised of a variety of members: Kevin Abstract (the technical lead artist), Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, Joba and so on.
  2. Their first mixtape was released only in 2016, it’s called All-American Trash and it is amazing.
  3. To this date, they have five tapes: All-American Trash, Saturation, Saturation II, Saturation III, and their latest tape Iridescence. When I asked a few close friends whom also listen to the group, we can all agree we enjoy their music because it is freeing. The thing about Brockhampton is members have their own unique sound and when to put together it creates a vibe that is untouchable.
  4. On June 20th, the group appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and performed the song “Tonya”, a track from their new album Iridescence 

In a YouTube video titled “WHY IS BROCKHAMPTON SO GOOD?” filmed by TKW Presents. The video that made me discover one of my favorite groups ever. If you’re into that old Odd Future vibe (but on a different spectrum) you’ll probably like them. 

Similar to the narrator of the video, it actually took me seeing them perform live to realize why I genuinely love the group.  I love them because during the show I had no worries, it was me and the music, it was watching artist spill their problems into their lyrics, it was the community of it all. The stage energy was insane from all performers (Joba in specific), it kept me entertained and on my feet the entirety of the show. 

If you’re looking for some recommendations to start with: RENTAL – My personal favorite song TRIP, BLEACH, etc.

TKW Presents states that “ I might’ve started my journey with Brockhampton unwilling to give them a listen simply because I wasn’t interested but once I did give the group a chance, I found one of the most interesting groups in Hip Hop or rather music”

If you’re interested in the best boy band on earth, click here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9i3ATR1y9XA