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Malcolm X said it best and his words are very much true, “the most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.”

From an early age, women were groomed and trained to act a certain way to fit in the world of men. Women are taught to dress in a specific style, to talk with a certain essence, and act in a desirable manner. All a woman’s decisions are thought to be centered on receiving attention from a man; the way women styled their hair, the clothes women wear, the jobs women have, women’s physique, their music

preference, their hobbies, and all other life choices are consistently challenged for the approval of men.

In earlier generations, women were only allowed to wed, birth children, and housekeep. Nevertheless, women have trailblazed many ideologies that are the basis of society today. Women are responsible for being excellent caregivers, but on top of that, women hold high political positions, run businesses, accept, and adapt to criticism, all while being undermined and having their success hindered for the sake of a man’s ego.

Women deserve all their flowers and praise.

Women populate the Earth. Women are the reason the world spins around.

So, why aren’t women protected?

On October 19, 2021, a woman was sexually assaulted, groped, and then raped from Philadelphia to Upper Darby on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority public transportation system.

SEPTA and Philadelphia police both stated that bystanders and onlookers videotaped the graphic rape for personal gratification instead of calling the proper authorities. Whether the police were called by the other train riders or not, why was this woman not helped?

Why has society turned a blind eye to those in need? Why do people not feel inclined to help when witnessing an injustice? As a society, people tend to disregard things that have no direct benefit or disadvantage to them specifically. People only want to affect change when they are benefited by the cause. Why have people evolved to only look out for themselves instead of others in society?

Society ignores the homeless, those who are totally dependent on drugs, people with visible medical conditions, and other outcasts. What has to happen to someone to elicit assistance or help from others? What horrible tragic event must occur for others to help?

Why was the brutal rape of a woman, in such a pubic area, not a situation in which witnesses did not act and call the police? The woman was sexually assaulted, kissed on and sexually groped by the attacker; he then proceeded to sexually rape her, all occurring between more than two dozen train stops.

While the Philadelphia district attorney wants to correct the false reports of witnesses recording the incident and not reporting it, SEPTA wants to encourage riders to notify the conductor and transit authority.

One can only hope that society returns to a time in which no one hesitates to aid someone in need.

Francheska Johnson is a senior mass media arts major student at the illustrious Clark Atlanta. She is from the great state of Texas and is an aspiring journalist. When Francheska is not devoting her time to school, she can be found playing with her dog, painting, creative writing, and reading. As a completely versatile writer, Francheska enjoys all topics and appreciates giving helpful advice, explaining the truth, or informing others about misunderstood topics. Francheska hopes that her bubbly personality and friendly nature are expressed through her writing.
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