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On Sunday, January 26, 2020, the world was in utter shock to learn that five-time champion winning NBA player, Kobe Bryant, passed away in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

Entering the NBA immediately after high school, Kobe Bryant spent his 20-year NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers and became one of the NBA’s all-time greatest players. In 2016, Bryant ended his NBA career in his final game with the Los Angeles Lakers against the Utah Jazz scoring 60 points. As fans were sorry to see the end of such an amazing era from Kobe Bryant, they were excited to watch him continue to make a greater impact on the world; however, his death was an absolutely heartbreaking shock. Throughout his life, Kobe Bryant served as an inspiration by showcasing his incredible talent, displaying immeasurable dedication, and exhibiting the determination to accomplish anything. For many athletes, Kobe Bryant was a role model. Bryant not only served as a role model for young athletes, but he also served as one to his peers. Just recently, NBA player, LeBron James, surpassed Bryant’s career total of 33,643 for third on all-time scoring list by 12 points. James then began to share how much of an inspiration Bryant was for him by entering the NBA at such a young age and creating an enormous impact. 

For younger athletes, Kobe Bryant has been the motivation for them to work hard. Bryant has shown young athletes that hard work creates champions. Before the tragic accident occurred, Bryant was heading to Mamba Sports Academy with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna Bryant. Sadly, Gianna Bryant accompanied Bryant in the helicopter ride and did not survive the crash either. The Mamba Sports Academy was one of Bryant’s many efforts to encourage and guide young athletes. Although Kobe Bryant worked hard to make an impact in the NBA, he worked even harder to strengthen the youth through sports. By teaching the youth about the power of hard work, determination, and dedication, Bryant was creating champions. These core values taught his athletes that they would be able to accomplish anything. 

Bryant served as motivation by showing the world that dedication can make anything possible when he won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Kobe Bryant dedicated himself to being the executive producer for the animated short film, Dear Basketball. Bryant was an NBA legend, he was nominated alongside the honorable animator, Glen Keane. Keane is known for his great work on Disney classics, which include “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast.” This incredible accomplishment goes to show how hard Kobe Bryant worked at anything he decided to dedicate himself to. 

As many mourn the death of Kobe Bryant, they also celebrate his life and achievements Kobe Bryant has been labeled as a legend, hero, and an inspiration. People continue to send their condolences to Bryant’s family across the world and thank him for his many contributions. The death of Kobe Bryant has been heartbreaking and unbelievable, but his legacy will live on forever.     

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