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Top 3 Reasons to Visit the Great State of Texas

Texas: the biggest and best state in these here United States. From the Cowboys to NASA, and Beyonce to the Alamo, the Lonestar State is known for its lively culture and historic presence. The country towns are filled with hard working citizens and beautiful landscapes. The metropolitan areas and big cities like Dallas and Houston are brewing with adventures and a wide range of people. One thing is for sure, the stars really are bright deep in the heart of Texas.


Although it was difficult to pinpoint just a few, below are the top three reasons why you should visit the state of Texas.


Food, Food, and More Food

It is no secret that the south has the best food in the country. From soul food, to bbq, and seafood, the south reigns supreme. However, Texas’ food is top two and it is not number two. Its array of fast food places like everyone’s favorite, Whataburger, and Rudy’s Chicken are like none other because they are worth every cent. Texas BBQ joints are one of a kind. Places like Pecan Lodge of Dallas and Pit Stop BBQ of Waco are pioneers in their craft. If you are looking for a real Texas experience, grab a stuffed BBQ baked potato and you will be transported to a new realm. There is also a wide assortment of amazing Mexican food places all over the state, but the best are local mom and pop restaurants and local stands.

The State Fair

The State Fair of Texas is like none other. It brings childhood memories for just about every Texan. Stationed in Dallas, as soon as you first walk in you’re greeted by the welcoming face of Big Tex. The smells of turkey legs, funnel cake, and Jack Fries fill the air. Everything is fried from the lemonade to the coke, and the butter as well as the gum! The saying “everything is bigger in Texas” rings especially true with the fair. Seeing around 2 million visitors each year, the Texas Fair is the biggest (and best) in the country.

That Texan Hospitality

If you thought southern hospitality was something, wait until you get a load of some Texan hospitality. Texans will literally flag you down just to tell you your trunk is open. Texans are just all around very warm people. You can have a two minute conversation with someone in the Walmart checkout line and feel like you have known that person for years. My neighbors used to bring my mom and I baskets filled with fresh produce from their families’ farms just because. I had another neighbor that would give us plates full of tamales. Those tamales were a huge part of why I loved the holidays as an adolescent. The state births millions of friendly souls. Maybe it’s something in the water.

The tenacious Arianna Johnson is a junior mass media arts major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in political science at thee illustrious Clark Atlanta University. She's from the place where bigger is better: Dallas, Texas. This means that her love for BBQ is almost as big as her love for her state! She enjoys writing, shopping, makeup and here recently, doing nails. She hopes to one day write for CNN, Teen Vogue, Essence and more. If you're looking for sarcasm, political commentary, Black girl struggles, all things beauty and everything in between, then she's your girl!
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