Tomi, Stop Sexualizing Us!

Tomi Lahren born August 11th, 1992 is a former tv host, political commentator, American Conservative and extreme Trump supporter. Lahren is known for her controversial comments on the Black Lives Matter movement calling it “the new KKK”. To say that this woman is racist would be a complete understatement. Lahren responded to the numerous superbowl performances that were about racism and the mistreatment of black people in America and said that the only point Beyonce made was that anything black was violent and that we are not fighting for equality, but the “overthrow of white dominance". It seems to me as if Ms.Lahren is confused…Ridding the country of white dominance is equality, no one race should be running this country or the world. Saying that Beyonce is using her platform to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement is not allowing America to “heal” is ridiculous. White America does not need to heal, they need to acknowledge the damage they have done and realize that black people are not going to rest until they are treated with the same respect white people are given.

That being said, Tomi has been blowing up on social media for a different reason this time around because she recorded herself rapping along to 21 Savages’ “Bank Account”. How can someone who is so anti-black bop her head along to a TRAP RAPPERS’ song? She bashes our movements, calls us violent and insults us just about any chance she gets but will listen to a rapper who makes music about being a trapper/gang banger. The best part about all of this is, Tomi is allegedly "dating" a black man! How can someone who is so against having equal rights for black people date a person of color, let alone a black man? She is so against Black Lives Matter but the movement was created because our community wants to keep men that look like her alleged partner safe from the world that is against them. You cannot date or marry a person of color without identifying and acknowledging their struggle, which is something Tomi refuses to do. Women like Tomi who date people of color are not with them because they are in love, they’re with them because they’re fetishizing them. They use men of color, specifically black men for their sexuality/ penis size and this issue is more common than we would think. Black men are known and glorified for having big muscles and a "mandingo". It’s unfortunate that they have to go through this kind of sexualization and harassment without it ever being talked about. Tomi is the perfect example of white women who will have relations with black men but will not marry or get into serious relationships with them because they do not fit into their white picket fence cliche.

If you do not support us and our movements/struggles you should not be dating us. Black men are not slabs of meat or toys that you can use to satisfy your sexual needs or to fulfill your fantasies. Black men are not your trophies or something you can use to upset your family. They are people, they are human, they are sacred souls just like everyone else on this planet and they should be treated as such.