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Time Square Turn Up


Being away from home, a popular past time of college students is amiably arguing about who’s hometown is better and the differences between them. Being that i’m from New York, we win automatically because we are the best city in the world, and there’s no explanation that can prove I might be wrong (which i’m not). But since i’m obligated to provide reasons why, let me leave you with this little day making gem.


A clip from @mattwhitlockPM on Twitter proves why NYC reigns supreme. In New York, people are know to blast music in the subways preforming their own songs trying to gain any type of dollars they can’t from it. But one day, someone decided to blast “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B, and just anyone that doesn’t live under a rock would suspect, the Times Square station turned into a giant impromptu party as citizens from all ethnic backgrounds, age groups and rhythmic varieties were all getting lit to the hit song.


A beautiful, heartwarming sight that you won’t find anywhere else other then the city that never sleeps. Now add that to the other 928,472,056,294,054,627 reasons why New York is king.

A sophomore english major attending Morehouse College from Bronx, New York
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