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These Spring Accesory Trends Are To Die For

    The crisp weather has finally broke and the warm breeze is making its way in, it’s spring people! Time to ditch your cozy wools, leathers, and boots for the cute, flirty pieces that scream spring. Here are your must shop trends for the season, you better go get to it!

1. Satin Scarves

Remember last summer when everyone had to have a satin scarf around their bag? Well, not much has changed. Satin is still very much in people, but it’s back with a twist!

Rather than only using scarves to accent  handbags, scarves are getting thrown onto everything! The most on-trend ways to work with satin scarves are to take em to your hair. Yup, that’s right. Wrap them up has a headband, wrap them around your buns, and even as an additional hair tie over your ponytails! The possibilities are endless.

 2. Stand Out Hair Clips

    You must have already seen these all over social media by now, and if you haven’t we’re here to save the day! The ways to work with these are great as you can always find your best fit. Whether they’re  pearled, bedazzled, cheetah print, etc, you’ll be able to make them work with nearly any outfit! (Pro-tip shop this trend on a budget with small shops off Etsy)

    A bomb way to approach this trend is to stack them up with your hair tucked behind your ear to truly dive into the fun of this trend.

3. Pearls

    For all the classic gals! This 50’s statement piece is back and better in a way that’s totally redefined! Pearls are on almost everything! Forget a necklace, resort to a statement ring, bracelet, or even a dramatic pair of pearl earrings! This is a way to take a spin on classic piece and modernize it top the max.

    You can pair pearls with literally anything! So don’t be afraid to dress them down with ripped jeans and sneaks or dress them up with a more formal piece.

4. Basket Bags

    Just so you can always look like you’re ready for the flyest picnic of the year! From teeny-tiny to tote-sized, picnic basket bags are all the rage. The fact that they’re typically neutral toned means they’re a go-to piece for any outfit.

A great way to style these are with flirty dresses or floral print to truly bring on a feminine lewk!

Now that you’re put on to the best, here’s to happy shopping and happy styling! Own these trends in a way that’s phenomonally you! HCXO!


Miranda is a Junior Mass Media Arts Major Print Journalism Concentration at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Miranda is looking to write for the politically conscious, fashion-forward, and everyone in between. Feel free to connect with her via social media as well as through LinkedIn!
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