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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Its homecoming time!!! Homecoming is filled with various occassions to turn up such as football games, concerts, and various events and parties; and is also a time where the students like to fashionably “pop out”. Now, popping out is a little hard when you dont have the proper funds to do so. But not to worry! I have compiled three looks that will leave you turning heads and will also keep your bank account in tact!

For this first look I wanted to put together simple and cheap pieces that will still have you looking fierce. Don’t sleep on white t-shirts! Whenever I was unsure about the type of shirt that I wanted to wear and didnt have the money to buy a new one, white t-shirt is was! To make it more cute and feminine you could make a knot in the center of the shirt, or you could also crop it to make it a little sexy. In this specific look I paired the white t-shirt with a black pencil skirt, a gold choker and some makeup/nail options. I find most of the pencil skirt that I purchase from Missguided. They give a large variety of different skirts (and everything on the site is 20% if youre a student). Lastly, I paired this outfit with some peep toe booties in the color olive. The shoes for this look is probably the most expensive item but it is still under $50! These shoes are from publicdesire.com for $45.00 with a student discount of 20%. With the proper makeup choices you could turn this simple look into a look that is chic and sophisticated. Putting on dark lipstick (blacks, dark blues, browns, dark oranges) makes your look more sexy and even a little bit more fancy. For this look I thought a nice dark reddish-orange would be fitting. Colourpop has an amazing line of cheap liquid lipsticks. The color LAX in colourpop would be perfect for this look.

The second look is for a homecoming event that requires you to dress up a little bit more. Bodycons dresses are the perfect choice because they come in a large variety of cute styles and are often very cheap. For this look I paired a beige/nude coloured bodycon dress with the same olive ankle booties from Public Desire. (Reusing your shoes for more than one event is OK!) I paired all of this with an extravagant black choker from Aldo (for $18) and a bold red lip.

The last look I have for you is for a more casual event. I paired an olive green tube top with high-waisted distressed jeans. The perfect shoes to go with this look is… (drumroll please) the olive green ankle booties from public desire! These shoes are great because they are so versatile and can be worn with any type of outfit. I chose to accesorize this look with multiple gold chains and a few rings which can be found for less than $8 in Forever 21. For makeup I would probably apply some dramatic false lashes, give myself some winged liner, and keep my lips simple wth just some clear lipgloss.

I hope these outfits helped you decide how you’re gonna slay Homecoming 2016. These outfits are really cute and they don’t break the bank which makes them even cuter!

My name is Chelsea Michael from Brooklyn, New York. I am a freshman fashion merchandising major